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Haiti: Update from Port-au-Prince

A short time after the earthquake yesterday our International team in Washington DC was able to make contact with the head of our Haiti delegation via Skype. He was in his office in Port-Au-Prince when the earthquake hit.

  • [10:36:42 PM] ARC – Matthew Marek – Haiti: people are scared and gathered in the streets
  • [10:36:51 PM] ARC – Matthew Marek – Haiti: there is really no place to go in many of these neighborhoods
  • [10:37:09 PM] ARC – Matthew Marek – Haiti: the dust from the collapse is still lingering in the air
  • [10:37:18 PM] ARC – Matthew Marek – Haiti: i should make a move
  • [10:37:36 PM] ARC – Matthew Marek – Haiti: go out and photo – check on my staff manning the office
  • [10:37:59 PM] ARC – Matthew Marek – Haiti: we have the vehicles shing onto an adjacent lot with 1000s of people
  • [10:38:10 PM] ARC – Matthew Marek – Haiti: just to give the folks some comfort
  • [10:38:17 PM] ARC – Matthew Marek – Haiti: its reallly a mess

Matt was able to take a few photos when he went back out:

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  1. I am an anesthesiologist….how can I help in Haiti….who do I contact???? what organizations are organizing emergency mission trips???

  2. Subject: Spread the word

    “If you have good news from Haiti (a found family member or loved one) email Haitigoodnews@gmail.com or Tweet to @haitigoodnews. Send names or neighborhoods.”

    To reply to this message, follow the link below:

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  3. As always, I am so very proud of my Red Cross family.

    Those who volunteer locally, nationally and internationally.

    I am also proud of the American response for helping to fund this horrible disaster.

    I am also proud and very grateful to the wonderful leaders of our American Red Cross.

    Many thoughts and much love to Haitian people and all aid workers.

  4. God help those poor people. Please keep us updated and let us know how we can help.

  5. Hi Matt,

    I was wondering how to find missing people in Haiti. I have a friend who was living at the Karibe Hotel apartments with her two sons and had heard reports that the complex had collapsed. Her name is Laurence Wyllie. Any information about the state of the building or where she might have been evacuated to would be very helpful.

    Thank you,

  6. Medical Student here, along with Medical Residents from State University of New York Health Science Center and Stony Brook School of Medicine seeking information on volunteer teams.

    [personal information redacted]

  7. We would like to donate some supplies to the people affected, so please let us know what,how & when we can send the supllies.

  8. I am so sorry. The only way I can help is through six degrees of separation from any one suffering directly in this crises. I will go to the Red Cross, help them, and by bearing a bit of their burden, I will help many in need. I will do this through time, treasure, and talent.

    Heaven help us all.

  9. I am a recent medical school graduate with time right now. I am planning to be an emergency room doctor and have 3.5 months of recent er experience. Can I help in any way? Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

  10. Please post on the RC web site and major media outlets how people (like me) could volunteer service hours, e.g.phone banks, loading supplies, digging out in Haiti, etc. etc.

  11. I would like to know how and where we can donate supplies to. What items will be most needed?

  12. Hi my name is Lauren and I am thirteen. I cannot help financially, but how can I help the people in Haiti? I really do like to help, anyone in any way…. if I can do something in Haiti, please, please let me know so I can get started right away!

  13. Doug Van Fossen, on January 13th, 2010 at 1:57 pm Said:
    I am an anesthesiologist….how can I help in Haiti….who do I contact???? what organizations are organizing emergency mission trips???

    Doug you may want to get in touch with Doctor without Borders as they could primarily use your medical skills: here’s their website:


  14. Hi, this is a very sad situation, my youth dept at my church would like to send clothes and books to Haiti to help out, does anyone have contact information for clothing donations???? Please help me to help others.


  15. Doug, Christina, and others interested, my sister is leaving in early February on a weeklong medical mission trip to Port-Au-Prince and surrounding areas. It’s an annual trip, and as of yesterday they’re still planning to go, although the work they do may be different than usual due to the quake. They’re based out of Indiana, and I don’t know the requirements, except that they take both medical professionals and “lay” volunteers, and some of the participants are not from Indiana. If you are interested in more information, please contact me or the church in one of these ways: my Twitter username is katigm, my email is whateverlolawants at gmail dot com (obviously type it the normal way- I put it that way to circumvent spambots) or look up the Chapel Hill United Methodist Church’s phone number by visiting their website at http://www.chapelhillumc.com.

    It’s okay if you’re not religious- not all of the participants are, and it’s not an evangelical outreach. (My sister wouldn’t go if it was a prosthelytizing, evangelical mission.) They do participate in local worship services, and the team prays together while respecting individual differences, but the work they do is all medical, as far as I’ve heard.

  16. The best way to help is contribute and encourage others to contribute. The Red Cross already have a network of suppliers, give them to the money to do what they do best.

  17. hi my name is sharon and icnt help finacially, but i will keep thoes familys who may have lost a family member are not sure
    if they are ok in my prayers. im half haitian so im worried for my family aswell. i can i find out if my family is ok?

  18. If you have no means (as in Laurens case) you can donate blood if you have your parents permission and are willing. Also clothing, blankets, food are always helpful.

  19. I recently returned from Haiti, but before quake. I can give directions to anyone who wants to travel to Haiti by land from Santo Domingo. Call me @ [personal information redacted]

  20. Please… I want to help! Please let me know what assistance is needed in Haiti. I would like to go and help 1st hand! I do not have alot of money or medical background, but, I have lots of heart & Passion to assist.

  21. how do i find out if my friend in haiti is alive if i don’t have a website?

    eddy louis harris is traveling with other writers from paris to haiti. they arrived over the weekend. eddy harris if fairly well known in france.

  22. I’ve been a volunteer for the Red Cross for about 2 years. I’m glad to see so many interested in helping Hati!

    Since Hurricane Katrina the Red Cross will not send anyone to a crisis without a background check and some very basic training. The best way to help is to google the website of your local Red Cross (i.e. Washington DC Red Cross) and contact them via Email, phone, etc on what you have to offer and how you can help.

    And donations are always needed especially in this economy!

  23. Hello~

    I want to volunteer to be part of the relief efforts and get out there. I speak Creole/ French. If someone has any information link me in. I want to help.

    My contact email is [personal information redacted] and I am located in the DC area.

  24. I am here to help. Understand I will have to pay my airfare but I’ll need a place to stay.

    [personal information redacted]

  25. I would like to go over to Haiti and I am not sure who to contact? Any information would help. I am FEMA First Responder Disaster Relief Certified and willing to Volunteer my time. If there is a need in the Orphanage, I would Love the opportunity. Anyone with contact or any information, wold be appreciated.

    Thank you

  26. I want to send boxes of clothes and canned food but don’t know who to contact. Does anyone know?

  27. My aunt lived down there as a missionary and no one can find her. How can I find out if she is okay???

  28. I would like to go to Haiti to assist, I have medical supplies and equipment that I can take, please let me know who is setting up volunteer groups or any contact information would be helpful as well.

  29. We are looking for Mary J Murphy from Valatie NY..she was bringing water filters to families in Haiti…I can’t get into facebook to post her info..where can I go to post her name & for help in finding her? Her Mom doesn’t have a computer available….she was in Talarid (sp)? any help ,suggestions appreciated

  30. I am part of a Medical Mission trip that goes to Haiti every year. There are 17 people in our group and we are scheduled to leave Thursday Jan 21st. Typically we go to the village of Seguin and do a week long clinic there. However, due to the earthquake we’re trying to find a group in Port Au Prince to link up with and help serve there. Please let me know how we can help! Once again tickets are booked, bags are packed- just trying to find the right group to work with.

  31. I am trying to locate my aunt and uncle in Haiti. They are American citizens and live alone in Delmas 19, Rue Pinta # 15. Their names are Marie and Jarnel Louissaint. If someone has information please email me at the above address.

  32. Why can’t the Americans stay and help out instead of running home to their families? Why are we focusing on helping the Americans First?

  33. We have a orphange in Haiti called 2little 2ignore, please if anyone has any information on it, let me know. We are unable to get in contact with anyone there

  34. Donate money! I heard on my ABC local news and N.Y.C. Mayor Bloomberg that they can’t ship in all the supplies people are providing (clothes, water,etc.). So lots of people and organizations say money is better!

  35. I am a nurse and would like to know how I can help! Please give some info! Thank you!!!

  36. I need some assistance in shipping a container of tents to Haiti from Florida. I have found out I need to have an agency “receive” the container once it reaches Haiti. I would also like to assist in the distribution after they arrive.

  37. I have some skills in Medical assisting and Phlebotomy.. I know it’s not too much.. but I want to Help..I’ve searched so many sites for ways i can do much more than just send money.. but i found none. I know Money is needed but I know that in the end, clothes, non perishable foods, and other items will be needed also! I, and other members of my church are ready to interceeed and Help out in whatever ways we can. Just tell us how and when!

  38. OH yea. I am Haitian, and i do an ok job in Translating from English to Kreyol and vice versa.

  39. I have two spare rooms in my home and would be willing to host a Haitian family who may have lost their home in the earthquake. How can I possibly be hooked up with a needy family? Is there any way needy families can get help to get out of Haiti to come to the U.S.?

  40. I hold a Diploma in Disaster Management, and have privious experience in relief work.

    How can I help?

    Thank you

    Abiy Assefa

  41. Sharon and Lauren,
    Do not underestimate your contributions of prayer and time. Are their churches or organizations that are collecting items (clothing, diapers, etc) in your area. My daughter is a Girl Scout and is looking to help in non-monetary ways as well! God Bless you all!

  42. I’m encouraging all God’s children to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti in anyway they can. We’re indeed our brother’s keeper and in keeping one’s brother one must not allow their differences to keep them from helping. This is the time when we must all make a financial sacrifice for our fellow mankind and in doing so, I believe our heavenly father will reward us openly. My prayers are with the people of Haiti and all their family here in the US. GOD bless us all.

  43. I am a RN that is willing to volunteer. Are there any groups going to Haiti for medical relief?

  44. I’m encouraging all God’s children to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti in anyway they can. We’re indeed our brother’s keeper and in keeping one’s brother one must not allow their differences to keep them from helping. This is the time when we must all make a financial sacrifice for our fellow mankind and in doing so, I believe our heavenly father will reward us openly. My prayers are with the people of Haiti and all their family here in the US. GOD bless us all.

  45. I am a surgical RN familar with doing trauma cases. As Dr. Doug van Fossen asked…what can I do??

  46. Hi Matt – I am so glad you are ok. We are praying for everyone in Haiti. We think of you often. Love, Aida.

  47. Some of my co-workers and I would like to donate goods to help out – what is needed?

    Canned goods, bottled water, blankets? Please let me know – I’ll pass this info along.


  48. I really want to help and want to get my school involved in helping people in Haiti. I have become familiar with Haiti because my cousin worked there for a year and went back today to help with the relief effort. If there is any way that my school can help collect supplies just let me know what supplies and I will be more than willing to give a helping hand to the people of Haiti.

  49. We would like to provide as much effective immediate relief and aid to the people suffering in Haiti through the Red Cross in a donation in excess of the $10 telephone charge discussed here. How might we do that. We do not want to donate through ANY foundation that has any religious association whatsoever. We are simply interested in alleviating the suffering not propagandizing. Thank you.

  50. My father still lives in Haiti is there any way I can contact him or find him somehow?

  51. I am praying for the people of Haiti.

    I am proud of my fellow Americans, so ready to give when there is a need.

    May God comfort Haiti, and may He bless America, filled with the most generous and compassionate people on planet Earth.

  52. Iam a pca,cna,hha, Rn student with 20 years of medical experience. Also, missionary and have alot knoweledge on feeding and clothing the less fortunate. I have in storage alot clothes and things I would like to donate to Haiti. Before the Earthquake I was scheduled to travel there in Spring to work. So by any opportunity I would like to deliver this items in the right hands or organizations. Let’s us pray and help in any way we can. God Bless!. hope to hear from someone soon. My cellphone number is [personal information redacted] . Thank you!

  53. I work in a local buisness in Acton Ma. We set up canning bins in the past to collect for other disasters. Please give me info on how i can make our cans look ligit and where we can deliver monies too once collected. I am the office mgr there and would put it all together. We have brought money to a local bank in the past but i dont know if that sorta thing is set up yet? I would want all money going directly to REd Cross

  54. Can’t you put a specific Haiti link on your web site (as Oxfam has) so we can be sure that our dontaions are going for relief there?

  55. I’m a student who’s feeling called by God to help out down there. I want to be there firsthand and help out every way possible. I’m willing to put my life on hold in order to help, how can i do this?

  56. i”m a Haitian American, living in the US FOR THE PAST 23 YEARS, my heart is in such array right now .. i’ve already donated… if there’a s anything icould do to help please feel free to contact me>

  57. I am the FD Supervisor here at Macarthur Place Inn (Sonoma, CA) and we would like to contribute sheets, blankets and clothes. How do we get the boxes to Haiti to help the victims? Please email me…….Thank you…Ms Bunky

  58. “AMERICAN AIRLINES is taking doctors and nurses to Haiti for free. Please call

  59. I want to help but have no money since I can barely feed myself living on a $657.00 social security check. Is there anything that someone like myself can do or contribute (blankets, water, etc.) somewhere? I feel so helpless not being able to help. God Bless those in Haiti and those who are able to do something to help them.

  60. I am a physician. I am from Haiti and speak Creole. I want to help in any way I can. Please let me know how I can be of service.

  61. Does the phone company get its 20 cent cut on a text donation?

    Do credit card companies get their take on a donation?

    If so, may they rot in hell.

  62. My name is Ribert Michel, I would like to volunteer to travel to Haiti. Therefore, I do not know how to help. Please send me an email [personal information redacted] I willing to go help saves lives.

  63. Americans trying to locate family members in Haiti are encouraged to contact the State Department at (888) 407-4747.

  64. Hubs set up to help people find family in haiti
    Miami-Dade County, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince have set up information hubs to assist people trying to ascertain the fate of relatives or friends in Haiti.
    Miami-Dade established a communications hub for the Haitian-American community at the Edison Little River Neighborhood Center, 150 NW 79th St.
    The hub will provide information on relief efforts, including donations, and developments on the island. Translators and Creole-speaking social workers will be at hand to provide counseling services for friends and family members of victims.
    The center will operate daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., though hours may be extended if necessary.
    The U.S. Embassy, meanwhile, has set up a task force in Port-au-Prince that is taking calls “as conditions permit.”
    The embassy is working to identify Americans in Haiti who need urgent assistance and to identify sources of emergency help.
    Americans are urged to contact the embassy via e-mail at ACSPaP@state.gov to request assistance.
    Americans in Haiti can call the Embassy’s Consular Task Force at 509-2229-8942, 509-2229-8089, 509-2229-8322, or 509-2229-8672.
    The State Department has also created a task force to monitor the emergency.
    People in the U.S. or Canada with information or inquiries about U.S. citizens in Haiti may reach the Haiti Task Force at 888-407-4747. Outside of the U.S. and Canada, call 202-501-4444.

  65. Dr. Van Fossen – I don’t know where you are from but a local church in Middle Tennessee (Christ Church) posted a message on Facebook that a team of orthopedic doctors have a jet and are going to fly to Haiti, but need an anesthesiologist. If interested, call Daniel Bell at 615-834-6171

  66. May God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, Courage to change the things we can, and Wisdom to know the difference.

    Our Prayers are with all Haitian victims and their families abroad who are affected by this devastating earthquake.

  67. I saw Matthew Marek on CNN. Wow! All praises go out to you for your dedication in Haiti.
    Best wishes to all involved in anyway with the Red Cross, other organizations and individual volunteers.
    Thanks for being way outstanding humans 🙂

  68. Matt, it’s been a while. I know things are upside down crazy right now but know that you’re in our prayers and we’re thinking of everything we can to get you the help you desprately need.

  69. hi i am are looking for some relatives of a friend.



    we have not heard from them nor do we have other information about them. i can be reached through —
    email: kate.avila@yahoo.com.
    mobile number: +639228534448.
    skype: keight_88

    thank you.

  70. I am a laboratory technician and i am willing to go to Haiti to help. Where can i sign up. May GOD bless you all and our prayers are with you.


  72. I am military stationed in Germany. How can I be sent to Haiti to help out???

  73. We are trying to somehow ask for help for our son’s orphanage in Carrefour. Their building took damage and they’ve moved across the street in a church (about 30 kids) but the last report we’ve had from Haiti is our director can not get to the orphanage because of the roads. The American intern that is with our children last told her family that there was no food or water.

    The orphanage is Foyer New Life Link in Carrefour.

    They need water.

  74. I have a bunch of baby clothes from newborn up to 6mths. Some are new with tags attached and some are fairly new. How can I send these items to Haiti? Do you have a drop box in South Florida?

  75. May “God” continue to bless the people of Haiti and organizations like the Red Cross. I pray all nations come together to rebuild the country through “Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” so that Haiti will become stronger and united as one.

    May God send his angels to up lift the spirit of families morning over the lost of their love ones. We know in life this to shall pass.

    God said ” I AM THE WAY, TRUTH AND THE LIFE” He will restore Haiti with love, happiness and compassion in time.

    May God Continue To Bless Everyone Who Send Prayers and Financial Help To Haiti. Remember their is no power on this earth that is stronger the love.

    Bishop Walter L. Dixon, Sr.
    Forgiveness Missionary Church Of Christ, Inc.
    Stone Mountain, GA 30083

  76. I ran the food tent at Volunteer City at Javits following 9/11 for four days. I know the critical importance of these first several hundred hours. I have experience managing hundreds of 9/11 volunteers. I have a flight booked to Santo Domingo. How can I be of help in Haiti??? Please someone respond with something other than giving money. Money won’t lift buildings off trapped people.

  77. Hi my name is Diane Ortiz (aka Toycee). Where can i contribute clothing, money? I live in Montclair New Jersey. Can you let me know if there is a number or address to contact in Montclair who are donating.

    Thank you kindly.

  78. I pray for all the children and people in Haiti, it is very sad what is happening, I wish I could have the tools to go and help.
    Please anyone that Knows a place that may be collecting clothes , food or even toys for the kids .I’m in Northern New jersey. please anyone with information.
    God bless all the volunteers..

  79. I work at Cancun Cantina West in Hagerstown, MD. We have started a fundraiser to raise money for the Red Cross to help those in need. Please help us make a difference in these peoples lives. Every dollar counts. Next Friday the 22, we will donate a dollar for everyone who comes to our club to see Vs. The Earth. Please join us in our efforts! Contact me at 301-797-4422 or stop in 901 Dual Highway!! Thank you for all your help!!!

  80. I want to help in anyway possible. What is needed the most. I want to organize something publicly here in my hometown. Somebody give me some feedback. Thank You! We love the people Haiti. We are ready to help!!

  81. Haiti is in the need of help, Please donate, Send Clothes, send anything you can send these people need help please help them

  82. I went to the Doctors without Boarders website and they are in urgent need of ALL medical personnel. Those of you posting here that have training could try their site.
    God Bless!

  83. I am looking for all my entire family that lived in Port-Au-Prince.
    The last names are: Bateau, Marescot, and Ewald. They were in Petroville, Haiti. If anyone has any information or has any suggestions as to how i can try to find them, it would mean the world to me.
    Thanks for your time.

  84. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and really want to come help with the relief effort. No ties to bind me and a huge heart. I will be able to stay as long as needed.
    Please let me help!!

  85. I just join as volunteer. I’m an Internal medicine physician. Im interested in helping out working with you guys in Haiti. Who do I contact? or where?

  86. Thank you Red Cross for all the good you are doing. Most urgent necessity right now is water, please find a way to get water to the people in the city and outlying areas.

  87. We have a large contingent of business jet aircraft located throughout the US. We are fillling them with relief supplies and are ready to be dispatched. Please help direct us to the proper point of contact.

  88. Good morning,

    Although we are far from the disaster, our hearts go out to those who are suffering. The elementary school where I work has already started a “loose change” drive to continue of the next month. Once all the change is collected and totaled, we will be donating the sum to the American Red Cross. I was overwhelmed at the number of children, as young a 5 years old, who brought in change today to add to the collection buckets.

    Our thoughts are with those on the ground in Haiti, helping the victims to cope with the aftermath of the earthquake.

  89. I know financially I can help and raise money, but I have about 20-25 family members in this area and the wait for their phone calls is unbearable. I have nursing school training, CPR and speak fluent Creole and English, so translating will not be an issue. Please if I can get to Haiti through you guys, please let me be a candidate. I need to find others and my own

  90. I will underwrite flight and support of two certified crane operators for early rescue action in Haiti.

    I haven’t found contacts. Red Cross? Corps of Engineers? Any humanitarian agency on the ground?
    Would appreciate any useful information on whether this would be useful and/or how to lend this helping hand.

  91. Please donate – it costs money to send/ship people to assist. The Red Cross movement already has supplies, stocks, staff trained and prepared to go in the region – so that money would be better spent replenishing supplies, stocks. As a former employee – I know your donation will go to the Haitian people who need it!

  92. I have a friend in need of meds in Port Au Prince
    Her name is Ann Valerie Milfort (she is on facebook, so am I)
    She needs Antibiotics and Tetanus for her mother and her nephew.
    her grandmother died and also her 10 year old niece…
    Her blackberry Pln is: bbm 211b544 she needs help URGENTLY
    How can we get meds to her? Any advise

  93. For the medical professionals who are trying to find out how to volunteer in Haiti, if for some reason you can’t get hooked up with the Red Cross (I don’t know how RC works), Doctors Without Borders has put out a call to their volunteers – they are desperate.

  94. As a volunteer I decided to forward the recent donation request email on to friends with a request of my own:

    As you may or may not know I am a Red Cross Disaster Services Volunteer, as well as someone who was assisted by the International Red Cross (as a child). I am sending this information I received regarding the situation in Haiti and asking personally for your assistance.

    In these hard economic times I know it’s difficult to think about making a charitable donation. Think about skipping that latte at the local coffee store or even the dollar menu item at McDonalds and give it to the American Red Cross. Even if it’s only $1 – think how all the $1 donations can add up to. If your situation does not allow for a monetary donation, think about donating your time by becoming a volunteer with your local American Red Cross.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email. Thank you to all who may have already donated, and thank you in advance for any donation you can give to the American Red Cross.

    Remind your friends that even $1 can go far with the American Red Cross.

  95. I’m helping to organize a medical mission to go to Haiti on Saturday morning. The flight is at 5 A.M. out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. We have 11 spots on the plane, and we’re looking for medical personnel. Please contact me ASAP if you can be of assistance. Thank you.

  96. Hello,
    I have a friend from Haiti whose family lives inPort-au -Prince. What can he do to contact them? He is completely devastated right now.

    Thank You

  97. We have 70 employees at our Colorado Sprinhgs Orthopaedic Group offices and will be gathering donations tomorrow to give to the Haiti Relief Fund at the American Red Cross. We realize that the Hatian recovery effort is going to take a long time, so we thought cash right now would be best. Perhaps we can donate goods at a later time.

  98. We have 70 employees at our Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group offices and will be gathering donations tomorrow to give to the Haiti Relief Fund at the American Red Cross. We realize that the Hatian recovery effort is going to take a long time, so we thought cash right now would be best. Perhaps we can donate goods at a later time.

  99. is there a specific address in Haiti where we can UPS first aid kits and clothes and essential things they may need right now.. please let me know i have a couple of boxes i want to send.

  100. For those of you who are just driven to go to Haiti in person you must arrange for your own transport, food, water and shelter. Organizations already in the country are not prepared to support you on the ground there. Remember that the military that are being deployed are trained, equipped, in good health, and are not going to give you their MRE’s. You can’t just show up there! You place an extreme burden on experienced and trained folks who are trained in the Incident Command System, etc. Go get trained now. Classes are almost always available at your local Red Cross unit. Red Cross doesn’t receive clothing to be distributed, etc. Go to your local church organizations, like the Southern Baptists, Mennonite Relief, Episcopal Relief and Development and Catholic Charities to volunteer to do something at home. Maybe you can take the place locally for some trained person who has been sent. And send the cost of the plane ticket to one of those organizations. It will do more good right now. There will be opportunities later for you to put hands-on.

  101. Donated thru AT&T. Am saying heartfelt prayers for the earthquake victims and the volunteers on the ground. It doesn’t seem to be enough….you know? Bless you all.

  102. I have little girls summer clothes that I would like to send to the children of Haiti. How can I get it there?

  103. Hi,
    My name is Monica cruz, Im 15 and I leave in Puerto Rico. I know that I cannot help financially but any things you need just let me know because in my school there recolecting basic things that there in haiti would need…. I dont know but you can send me maybe a list of ther things that are most important for them so I could get the help right away… I really would like to help in any possible way…

  104. To Matt Marek: Matt I stayed with you at the Norwich Mission House in 2007 with the medical mission from CT. I was relieved to see you live last night on CNN with AC. I know everything is upside down there for you right now, but please know your friends here in CT are thinking of you, and praying for all of the Haitian people at this time. Dan O’Brien

  105. I am an ER physician in Tampa. I speak French. I am willing and able to go to Haiti to help. Who do I contact to go?

  106. lynn weiss, on January 13th, 2010 at 4:54 pm Said:
    eddy louis harris is traveling with other writers from paris to haiti. they arrived over the weekend. eddy harris if fairly well known in france.

    Dear Lynn, I’ve been looking for information about Eddy as well. Have you heard anything? He was supposed to fly to Haiti on Jan. 8th.

  107. There are 63 people still alive in Carribean Market. One of the survivors sent a text so we could send out help. PLEASE LET PEOPLE KNOW IN ORDER TO HELP THEM OUT!!! copy and paste this on every Haiti page/group wall you can find!!

  108. From Brandon Manitoba Canada,I have neccessary hard to find air bag lifting equipment capable of lifting many tons at once,uses small gas air compressor,air lines,air bags,etc.approximately 1000 lbs. total gear,easily moved in a pickup,lifting sections of buildings, from 1 inch to 1 foot in a few minutes,experienced in safe builing lifting,1 or 2 of us would be able to travel with and assist haiti rescue mission on short notice. [personal information redacted]

  109. Dear Lynn,
    I just heard from Eddy L. Harris. He’s fine. I gave him your name and told him to contact you.
    -deborah mccutchen


  111. If you have information about New Life Orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sarthe community. Please email us or call 423-802-2926

  112. I am writing to ask if anyone hears from an African American woman named Ruth Hodges, please email me at karmen_gadsden@yahoo.com. Ms. Hodges flew to Haiti on Tuesday, January 12, 2010. She was going to visit a family as apart of her mission trip because the father was dying from cancer. She arrived at the airport in Port Au Pince on Tuesday afternoon at approximately 3:40 pm, which was shortly before the eathquake happened. We are unsure if she is still at the airport or in the city. If any of your relief workers hear anything, please contact me. She is about 70 years old. She is maybe 5’2-5’3 and she has fair skin. I will continue to pray for her safety as well as for the people of Haiti, the relief workers, and all who are trying to aid in this process in order to bring comfort, the basic necessities, and many other things that this country needs. Thank you for taking time to read my plea and concern.

  113. Hello everybody,
    I have a very close friend in Port-au-Prince. His house is in ruins and he and his parents lost everything! There are no words to describe the situation there! Every survived hour in Haiti is a big achievemevt!
    I read A. Neubauer’s message and i would like to ask for more information. What are the ways for my friend to get help from USA? And what has to be done?
    He is a very intelligent,educated and good person. He speaks very good English and there wont be any problems with the communication. He knows people in USA, that will help him out and the help we are asking for will be really temporary.
    The fact,that I am from Europe,makes it so difficult to help… How I wish I was closer!
    We are running out of time and I will deeply appreciate every fast response and information!
    Thank you

  114. I m living in Brazil and we do wanna send some clothes but i dont know to which adress or where to send does anyone knows where i can send a help packages.

  115. Hi
    i am a student nurse whom is nearly qualified,i have time on my hands and want to know how i can get over to Haiti and help. I am a student pediatric nurse but worked with adults too, i am a mother of grwon children and givelove and comfort also.
    Do any children need host families to come here for treatment etc, i live and work close to Alderhay childrens hospital. Even willing to give a home to the many orphans.

    god bless them all


  116. We write from England UK to add our prayers and to send love and encouragement to Pastor Jean Edmond and the staff and children at the orphanage and school of Calvary Baptist Church, and we ask for any news of the children at Tim’s Kindergarten. We have some contact through Charles Hyder.

  117. We adopted our 2 y/o daughter from Haiti and are very close with her biological mother. A friend called us and said they found the mothers body in the ruble of Port au Prince. Is there any way to confirm this???