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  1. CNN just reported that the RED CROSS relief teams on site in HAITI are “COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED”. Please call on the hundreds of us professionals who are immediately available. I have family with a “compound” just outside Port au Prince which could be used as a housing or care facility.

  2. Former employee of ARC/Disaster Services in Franklin County MO. Certified CPR/First Aid. Have passport would be honored to go & assist survivors. If you can use me, I’m in.

  3. I am interested in helping in Haiti for the next week. I am a nurse practitioner. I have been to Haiti twice and spent the summer as a nurse in 1976 on the island of La Gonave. My family and I were missionaries in Africa for 8 years. I would love to be able to assist from the 14th to the 22nd. Please contact me. My passport and suitcase are ready.

  4. I am a retired Army logistician. I have extensive experience in all aspects of transportation, supply and maintenance. I have a current passport and would be ready to leave tomorrow if needed.

  5. I’m available to help the American Red Cross in Haiti .I can apply first aid, CPR ,i can be a translater ,i can help distributing food,anything that i can do to help i’m here.Most important my job is willing to give ME some time off.

  6. Hey Great Post! My prayers are with the Haiti peopleThe Haiti tragety totally sadens me and my heart goes out to them. ; I just donated to the Red Cross and urge you all to do the same too.