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  1. The people of Haiti has suffered for too long. Let’s have a heart and do the humanitarion thing and bring the victims into our homes. Let’s give them the help they desperately need.

  2. I just donated $50 and I am putting up a challenge to others to do the same in the name of the kids who have lost their parents and are now alone in the dark.

  3. I love the Facebook information and the updates from Jenny. It makes me feel like I have a friend at National letting me know what is happening and how our venerable organization is responding. It is also very re-assuring to me that the Red Cross is abreast of new means to communicate and engage a younger audience in our mission and mindset. Please remember to periodically mention
    the number of reunifications, military family cases and emergency messages, number of single family fires to which we responded and the number of people reached through community education programs. The depth and breadth of the Red Cross has always staggered me.

  4. I am writting to ask help for my Family. They live in Tabarre, Impass Alexandre #2 they have not eating since the disaster and they don’t have no water. They have small children. they call and tell me they are Hungry but i don’t have no way of sending anything to them. If anybody sees this message plz send it to the right person to get something done everyone in that neighborhood are hungry. The house is next to Jean Betrand Aristide house in Tabarre. and it has been crumble down, Plz see if anyone can get overthere at least tomorow in the morning. May God bless Everyone.

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    Please accept my condolence and I’m ready to help them as much as I could.

  6. is painful when it happens, especially intro country where the economic situation does not leave too many alternatives, click on a pain than their soul . onli God to help


  8. Thank you for helping Port-au-Prince but please do not forget the other parts of Haiti also affected! I have family in Jacmel and they have not seen any relief workers. The epicenter of Tuesday’s catastrophic earthquake in Haiti was located halfway between the capital city of Port-au-Prince and the port city of Jacmel, 25 miles away, on the southern coast of the country. The city was heavily damaged in the quake but the extent of the loss of life or destruction is not yet known because no one has gone to find out. The dead are starting to decompose and the living are starting to lose their lives. Please someone try to leave the capitol and get help to the rest of Haiti!