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  1. These pictures are heartbreaking. My 21 yr. old son, Robert, is leaving for Haiti in the morning on a Search and Rescue. He is a Spc. with the 82nd Airborne. I pray for his physical, mental and emotional well-being. It is comforting to know that he will be making a difference in light of this horrible tragedy.

  2. It is horribly confusing to witness something like this …so random. it could be any one of us.

  3. What are we doing? This poor country needs help! Why is it taking soooo long to come to their aid? Thousands of people are missing and the need for food and water has long since passed. This is 2010, didn’t we learn enough heartache from Katrina? Not only the US but others have the equipment needed..I am truly saddened by the slow response.

  4. I helped out during the tsunami in india, and became a swift water rescue swimmer during Katrina and Rita. If there is a need, you can count on me.

  5. please send help at cite militaire in port-au-prince, since the disaster they are in the street with no food no water.

  6. I have a friend who is a certified nurse and speaks Creole and English – any need for a nurse and translator? She has limited internet access and is asking the hospital she works at, for connections. Meanwhile I’m asking around for her as well. Please let me know.

  7. My prayers are with Haiti….
    May God comfort in this storm they are going through..and believe that when we cant do anything He can do everything…very touching pictures…and hats off to what the red cross is doing to help and aid Haiti through this tragedy…God bless Haiti.

  8. I just had myself a good cry when I saw where the 11 year old girl pulled free yesterday died an hour later because they couldn’t get her to a better medical facility fast enough. Heart wrenching! I pray that everyone who can send $$ please do this. Even if it is $1 to $10, every dollar will help. I will continue to pray for this island and its people. May God bless all the groups that are flying there to help.

  9. I am not a trained rescuer but would be willing to go and hold the babies that are in the orphanages. We have adopted 4 children – my heart goes out to those without a family or even a caregiver!!

  10. I would love to take in a orphan, or help in any way. Or prayers our with you

  11. In an age where we can mobilize our troops anywhere in the world within 24hours, why are we just now sending forces into Haiti to keep the peace and distribute food and water? Didn’t we learn anything from Katrina? Why don’t we have helicopters dropping supplies al over the effected areas? I feel like our Government has just paid lip-service to this disaster.
    I’m outraged and saddened.

  12. HOPE HOPE Dear Heavenly Father give these people HOPE that only you can provide. Be with all Red Cross workers protect them , give them strength , endurance, rest, and wisdom and discrement.

  13. I didn’t have the chance to see the news until yesterday. I had only heard on the radio I had no idea how devastaring it was until I saw those pictures. My lord please have mercy on these people I couldn’t sleep well just thinking about it and how to help. I work for Indygo and I start asking every co-worker for $1.00 dollar and is going well, I encourage everyone to do the same anything will help!

  14. Let us all take a moment to pray for the dead, the families they left behind, the chidren who became orphans and the humanitarian efforts by many groups of people from around the world. Keep them in your daily thoughts and prayers that our Heavenly Father guide them and protect them especially from looters and the corrupt government. God also bless the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army along with our miliary troops who are all making a difference in this relief effort. Even the Hollywood celebrities have the ability and star power to make a difference. Send money to the appropriate agencies and not the scam artists capitalizing on this tragedy and devasting event. Even God’s heart is breaking.

  15. i don’t know if this an appropriate place to put this, but i am writing on behalf of ali and jamie who run the BRESMA orphanage in P-A-P Haiti.

    the sisters both from Pittsburgh and have been getting in touch with a blogger, virgina, who runs a site called “that’s church.” they were featured last night on cnn with 25 children they live with in haiti. their home is unstable and they have been living outside for the last several days as most in the earthquake affected area are.

    this post is on virginia’s web-site and it is legitimate.

    the children have run out of water. i am hopeful someone can read this and pass it on to folks on the ground. i realize everyone is in need, but the children of haiti have a special place in my heart.

    i have cut and pasted from the lastest post.

    I am writing this appeal on behalf of the family of Jamie and Ali. Word has been received a short time ago from Jamie that the orphanage is now completely out of water.

    I want you to know that things are still moving along as they relate to their evacuation, however, it is imperative that water, food, and/or supplies be sent to the orphanage. Anything and anyone that can help. Please.

    This is an appeal to the world that anyone who has anyone on the ground in Haiti that can take any water, food, or supplies to the BRESMA orphanage in Port au Prince, please contact me at virginia@thatschurch.com so that we can provide you with the directions to the orphanage and the GPS coordinates for their approximate location.

    Please email, tweet, retweet, blog and call anyone who might be able to help.

    Let’s not let our girls down.

  16. God Bless all the victims of this tragedy. It’s our moral responsibility to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti so please do everything you can to help! It’s going to be a long road to recovery for this country and any help at all, may it be $5 or $500 will add up and make this time just a little bit easier.

  17. I saw a post on here about someone that has a friend who has a nurse that speaks creole and english that wants to help in any way. While I cannot guarantee it…My church has a mission in haiti that is run by one of our local doctors. Maybe there is room in one of the next upcoming trips.

    He goes every summer but due to the disaster him and his board will start to get teams ready. They are planning on sending a couple of teams over throughout the course of the next few months. His team is always looking for people in the medical field that are interested in going. I believe their first trip will be on the 30th of this month, i think, don’t quote me on that.

    His team of volunteers is also gonna do some fund raising in the next few weeks at the local hospitals here in South TX.

    This is gonna sound crazy, but the UN actually contacted him because they heard that he has medical mission trips to haiti and ask if he would be willing to go. By the looks of it he sounds excited because he loves helping people and at first he didn’t know if it was a good idea but now he knows that he must go.

    If you would like to support his ministry in any way financially or maybe would like to go, contact me and I will give you the secretarys email address. SInce his trips to haiti they have started a small non profit orgaization called HIMM which stands for Hope International Medical Missions or something like that. It is still in the process of starting but let me know and I will send you the Email adress since i don’t have it in hand. Email me at wicho696@gmail.com.

  18. It truly breaks my heart to hear people complain about the slow response by America. My boyfriend is in the Coast Guard and serves on one of the first ships to arrive. They were in the area when the earthquake hit and were immediately rerouted to Haiti. The entire crew is working to treat the injured and provide aid at a clinic. Men and women who have nothing more than basic first aid training have spent days administering antibiotic injections, cleaning and bandaging wounds, performing sutures and even treating amputees. Why don’t we take some time to recognize all the good that is being done in the face of adversity?

  19. All i want to say is thank you for helping my counrty and without each of you guys help we dont know what we would do. I am really glad haiti getting help but we need more things so if anyone wolu please donate blood, clothes, food or anything at all that would really help because haiti need you guys help more than ever and we need each one of you guys prayer so please keep haiti in your prayer. thank you again to everyone that is helping my country

  20. Something is bothering me when I’m watching the relief efforts in P-A-P. The relief workers are concerned about doing supply drops into the urban area due to concern of rioting. From what I’m seeing on the news services, hunger and dehydration are driving the people there to rioting anyway. Would it be so wrong to do sling lifts of water to such areas? The slings can be detached from the helicopter bellies preventing issues with victims trying to overrun the crews. Seems to me that the survivors would, eventually, settle down and devise some structure for distribution of supplies. As it stands right now, they have degenerated into animals in hunger, dehydration and fear. I think this is quite natural (self preservation), I suspect most of us would.

    I ask the helicopter pilots to please start slinging in massive supply drops before things really start getting bad.

  21. The slow response, as I heard on NPR, has nothing to do with lack of initiative to speed up the process, it has more to do with the fact that all infrastructure has been destroyed making it incredibly impossible. Everything from the Air traffic controllers (that controlled air traffic to ensure airplanes do not collide mid-air) to available runway space for the landing of aid aircrafts have been destroyed in this earthquake. So, in a matter of four days aid workers and infrastructure planners have had to come up with alternate means to land aircrafts, and clear the rubble to find random places to land their disaster aid planes and manually monitor air traffic. A lot of them have had to land their crafts in nearby cities, and had to drive whatever distance to get to these people. Four days seems like a very long time, but I can only imagine their frustration in having the means and the materials to help, but being limited.

  22. i am a spc in the us army my mother and other family members are in haiti and i have no way of getting in contact with them put that with the fact that i have to focus all my energy on the deployment in like a month i show no emotion but my heart is not ever gonna be the same

  23. I Had my boyfriend Donate $10 dollars by sending a text b/c he has a phone, and we both feel really good that we contributed a little by donating, i just wish we were old enough to actually do something great for the Haiti Victoms, i wanna help as much as i can, even if im only 15. I Believe that EVERYONE can make a difference, if only EVERYONE would help, God Bless the one’s who have a heart and actually try to help these poor unfoutunate unlucky people.

  24. My heart goes out to all these victims….It is extremely heart breaking just watching this pictures…It breaks my heart…We need to be extremely grateful for all that we have…I have clothes from my little ones that i want to donate to the children in Haiti…please if anyone knows of where I can take these clothes and blankets and shoes…plese email me at Colmos951@gmail.com my name is Cindy please contact me asap..thank u n God Bless

  25. I am a Certified Surgical Assistant with many years experience. I have done a lot of trauma, orthopedics,pediatrics..etc. I would love to help wherever/however I can. Its so hard to sit here, knowing there is so much need down there. One thing that I am having a hard time understanding, where has all the money gone that has been raised over the years, to help these people? Millions/billions have been given, and they still don’t have running water or electricity! How can that be?

  26. Contrary to what some may say, this was not an act of God. God loves the people of Haiti, and hates their suffering. I speak restoration over Haiti… Thank you to all of you who are volunteering, and most of all thank you for caring about the people of Haiti. I encourage any and all who can to contribute financially to this effort, imagine if it were you or your children suffering.

  27. I am a nurse that can help with patients if I get transportation to haiti . Iam already helping with my
    prayers for people in crisis over there and some donations . may the lord be with them in this time of tragedy and the holy spirit strengthen them to continue.

  28. Until, anyone has actually experience a major disaster
    as this one, Haiti no one knows what goes on behind the scenes for expediting help to the suffering. So for those of you who insist on attacking the US Govt. for not moving fast enough JOIN THE RED CROSS or maybe contribute some mega $$$ or get on your KNees and pray if you know GOD, everybodyelse with out support or faith stay off the line or your tragedy could be next.

  29. Heavenly Father please have mercy on them.
    Wish I could go there and help out .
    Have a family to take care but my heart and my prayers are with all the folks in need and also to those good souls that are helping out.
    Let’s all joined and help them out with any money we can afford. They need us all.
    May God bless them all.
    Feel for the children, adults, and animals. 🙁

  30. Hati needs your help you must act soon or not millions of people will died,so please help by donating at lest a $1 to $ 10.Please this is all up to you ,God bless.

  31. I just made a financial contribution to the Red Cross and my company notiified us via internal company web site, will do some type of matching. This is something we all can do to help and I would add check with your employer to see if they can do matching. This could multiple the contributions for a very vital cause. Per President Bush – the most valuable thing we can do right now is to contribute funds to the rescue effort. God Bless to all those in desparate need.

  32. Follow up comment:: For those of you concerned about the rescue and welfare of animals in Haiti; the ASPCA website will accept donations specific to Haiti efforts. God bless the animals – neither humans or animals should sufffers.

  33. ” As a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace I have 3 Sisters working at – Sacre Coeur in Milot,75 miles North of Port au Prince. As the staff there report: “We were not damaged.We have room for 100 patients,we have over 20 Haitian doctors onsite including a medical trauma team and an orthopedic team arriving today. Helicopters can land very close to us, only ONE landed yesterday with 4 patients! People are dying in the streets AND in the hospitals in Port au Prince. We have a full-service hospital with two ORs and are NOT being utilized.We have an ambulance ready.When our staff hear a helicopter they are at the field immediately to receive patients but they are not arriving!! If any of you have contacts in the media or with organisations who could potentially get the word out about our hospital and our efforts to help please, please do so! The clock is ticking and so many lives are being lost. Our website is http://www.crudem.org

  34. Why haven’t the babies in orphanage been given formula & water etc. that are waiting for adoptive American parents! If the UN can’t organize a better relief do to their loss then put our military into those hills with food and water on their backs for these poor people! USA take charge!!!!! Please!

  35. i justt want to say that everyone in haiti will be in my prayers and hope thinqs qett better

  36. Our school is having a bake-sale to support those in need in Haiti right now. We would like to say that we are all trying out best to help others right now and realize that if this was our country we would want support from others as much as haiti needs our support now
    So please help this country on behalf of the people !


    I know my prayer alone is not enough but this is the least I can do other than donations when I am far away from your help. I am a pharmacy student 2nd year in the professional program so I know I can help at the least with donations. If I am given permission I would definitely go help. I pray for all those of you medical/health care professionals and all other volunteers to arrive safely to provide aid and return home safely as well. LORD PLEASE PROTECT THEM ALL!!

  38. I would like to adopt two who have been orphaned. Who do I need to contact or how can I go about making sure my contact information is available?

  39. I would like to adopt a child from Haiti. Please let me know of an agency, that I can go to. Please keep praying for our brothers and sisters in the Lord in Haiti.

  40. I’m proud of our people and the country’s efforts to help in this disaster! Many are complaining about how long,how much,when, etc…Lets thank all of those who are doing all they an right now,It’s very hard for all.Let’s not start the blame game ,Let’s all be thank-ful for what we are all doing and keep the faith.PLEASE for Haiti’s sake, PRAY FOR EVERYONE over there.God will be with us,always The people of the world are all “HERO’S” right now

  41. All of the aid and attention is focused on Port-au-Prince, I am hearing reports from my family in Jacmel that help has not arrived. Where is the international community? There is no food, medical help, rescue teams in Leogane, Ti Goave, Petit Goave and Jacmel. Please let me know who is addressing the impacted areas outside of Port-au-Prince.

  42. Im so sad for the ppl of Haiti..im doing as much as i can to help…im thinking of collecting money from my friends,family,and neighbors…just thinking of how much they are suffering they are fitting over food,water everything to help them survive…..God plz help them bless Haiti…

  43. People everywhere must do everything they can physically or monetary, to help the people of Haiti. The response to this disaster should serve as a blue print and be perpetually in place, ready to launch when and where it is needed. Why can’t the actoins we take in Haiti next be exported to Darfur , Ethiopia and other countries that so desperately need help? We can mke this world better by acting now.

  44. This is such a bad moment that happened at Haiti. My mom showed it to me and I felt depressed. I really want to help. Badly.

  45. I pray that this tragedy serve as an opportunity for Haiti to get a fresh start. The immediate need for food and water won’t be abated until people find a place to start over. So I encourage people to consider Habitat for Humanity. They are already there providing suitable homes for years.

    Thank you for caring and giving to Habitat Haiti chapter.

  46. Many reports are airing that medical care is on a “1890’s Civil War” level, with amputations with non-surgical tools and with minimal pain management during the procedure.

    How can we help with getting antibiotics to the people, this would prevent some amputations?

    How can we help getting drinking water to them?

    Are these the main three things we need more of?:

    1. Antibiotics.

    2. Sewage/waste management.

    3. Drinking water.

    How can we help more, how can we make this happen?

    Thank you.

  47. […] Thanks to everyone who helped GRHarley raise nearly $700 for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund! This weekend our friends on GRHarley.com, eBay, Facebook and Twitter all rose to the occasion and in true bidding fun, helped us raise nearly $700 for the American Red Cross. 100% of the sales are going directly to the American Red Cross who has so far promised more than $10 million in aid to the earthquake devastated island nation of Haiti. […]

  48. May Our Lady of Mercy give comfort and peace to those in distress..I pray to God to intervene and make possible for swift and espediant access of supplies to those affected ny this disaster.

    Praying for Haitians.

  49. I live in new jersey and I am interested in going to Haiti to help in whatever capacity I can. I have donated money, but I feel it is not enough. I would like to donate my time and I was wondering if anyone knows of a group that is going, so that I can join them and maybe help distribute food, water, clothing, anything I can do. I speak French and English.

  50. I just made a financial contribution to the Red Cross for the Haiti disaster. I was going to text 90999 number, but after hearing the ignorance spewed forth by Rush Limbaugh concerning donations, I decided to make a credit card donation 10x that amount, and dedicate 9/10ths of that on behalf of Limbaugh and eight brain dead dittoheads that follow his advice.

  51. Ohh Lord im Dominican and i feel soo bad for this country i wish i could doate clothing and shoes to these poor people Obama won’t you make the pain go away……

  52. I Saw Him in Them

    The earth unleashed her fury when she fractured from her core,
    Released enough bound energy to shake her dusty floor.
    As she calmed all steadied then paused to look around,
    What was left perplexed the world, crushing devastation unbound.
    The schoolhouse had fallen and trapped the son beneath,
    Mother yearned to rescue but cement had trapped her feet.
    Baby cried out in anguish as his momma lay there still,
    Daddy worked in the hotel, now twelve feet of concrete hill.
    Party for her twelfth birthday, family…friends oh what a thrill,
    Now all piled in massive graves, a strange and bitter pill.
    We looked up to the heavens; cried out to God in vain,
    Where are you in all of this? Our faith did quickly wane.
    Your eye is on the sparrow, that’s what you said in grace,
    Now the meek suffer unjustly but you’ve turned your mighty face.
    Hopelessness consumed us and I accept He won’t be found,
    Then took notice of a stranger claw his brother from the ground.
    I began to lift my head, though my purpose I did lose,
    And witnessed the old man give the barefoot boy his shoes.
    The land of the free ushered her brave to this foreign land,
    A makeshift white doctor held tight the small brown orphaned hand.
    I slowly stopped my weeping and I took notice of what was there,
    He wasn’t in the heavens but He showed up everywhere.
    He called up all his friends to raise money for relief,
    He gathered all the nations forgetting His current grief.
    He answered each and every phone ring as she waited for the call,
    He signed up to adopt the orphan found beneath the crumbled wall.
    He piloted the helicopter above the crowded sky,
    He held the mother closely as she bellowed, ‘My God Why’.
    He rushed with food and water, all He possessed to His name,
    He clawed tirelessly through the rubble never placing blame.
    He couldn’t lay down His microphone to take a moments rest,
    Eager to tell the story despite the smell of rotting flesh.
    Just then I thought I felt Him and fell to my knees to pray,
    I rose up inspired and gave to the charity set up today.
    So if you’re feeling lonely; in him you just can’t trust,
    Get up get busy helping cause God works best through us.
    As for my broken brother he’ll be hurting a long, long time,
    God wants to use my arm to hold him up, and by me that’s just fine.

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