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Haiti Earthquake: Situation Report from Gail McGovern

Haiti Earthquake 2010

I just got a daily Haiti situation report that I wanted you to see (below).

The situation remains desperate. But aid is reaching the hands of earthquake survivors. Determined relief workers are finding ways around damaged infrastructure and transportation bottlenecks to get aid to the people who need it.

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  1. Good afternoon
    My name is Joseph Ewins,i am from Haiti.I would like to tell you how i want to be one of your interpreters in Haiti.
    Hoping to hear from you soon.

  2. I am a nurse anesthetist and want to help by using my skill with the emense medical task at hand down there. I am having a problem connecting up with the proper authority. Can any one assist me, hook me up?

    Steve Eck, Knoxville Iowa [personal information redacted]

  3. I have many skills that I believe will be useful in the months and years to come in Haiti, mainly I want to offer every effort I can to support the children that are displaced, now orphans and have no one else to go to. I am an excellent cook, seamstress, support coach, manager, organizer etc. I have wanted to move to another country and work with kids and adults that need support and just be of service in any way I can. I believe this tragedy is a way for me to fulfill my desire to be in support. I have the heart, strength, passion and compassion, courage and willingness to be a part of this. I am willing to do whatever needs to be done from passing out water to building buildings. Please consider my willingness to support the rebuilding of Haiti and allow me to be of service.

  4. Please world leaders,

    Why are we not utilizing all the cruise lines around the world to help in this disaster of this huge magnitude of devastation of life.

    We have so many resources as a world and we never seem to utilize what we already have at hand. Put profits aside for the cruise lines and develop an Armada of life savings ships to port off the coast of Haiti to help all the healthy Haitians so the rescue teams can focus on the ones that need immediate help.
    We are going to spend so much money on rebuilding so why not pay the cruise lines to set sail and meet the Haiti crisis head on with ships that can house and bath and feed a large majority of survisors to take the load off the country.

    Do it now and feel good that the world used assets that we already ready to help in this disaster!!!!!!!!

    James Ruff, Bellingham Washington

  5. Here in Russia we have lots of people ready to help, especially like volonteers. And we understand, that unfortunately not all of us can help – we are not professional savers. Russian Red Cross opened a count for gathering money for help. We hope that our support is what Haiti really needs.

  6. I appreciate the efforts of many Americans to help the people of Haiti, however, we should not use every disaster to bring large numbers of people to the United States – we should help people where they live. I just read that 45,000 Haitians would be brought to the United States. Immigration is not the cure all for the problems of the poor nations. Large numbers of people from troubled areas cause problems for Americans.