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Red Cross Chapters Supporting Repatriation

The American Red Cross is supporting the repatriation of Americans and Haitian Americans who were in Haiti and are being evacuated back to this country.  We have a long standing agreement with the federal government to support these efforts when Americans need to be evacuated out of foreign countries because of conflict, natural disaster or other emergencies.

The last time we participated in repatriation efforts was in 2006 when fighting broke out in Lebanon.

Haiti Earthquake 2010

We meet the flights when they arrive at the airport and provide passengers with food, blankets, toiletries and mental health support. We’re basically there to welcome them home and be a shoulder to lean on because many times these people have seen traumatic things, been through very difficult experiences and may have only left with the clothes on their backs. We do all of this in support of our federal partners, who lead the repatriation efforts.

Haiti Earthquake 2010

There have been rumors and some inaccurate media stories that the Red Cross is bringing Haitian refugees to this country. The Red Cross doesn’t transport anyone in the country. Any and all decisions about immigration issues are handled by the federal government. We don’t have any information about regarding the movement of Haitian refugees.

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