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Earthquake in Haiti: Delegate Update

From a British Red Cross delegate in Haiti:

We visited a camp this morning to assess sanitation needs and within minutes of arriving, several men came over and introduced themselves as the camp committee. They said it was their role to make sure things run smoothly, people treat the camp well, get access to water and that food is shared. They didn’t know exactly how many people were in this camp – called Peace Camp, but one man guessed at about 1500 families.

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  1. Dear Sir or Mme My Name is Mylrick Lapointe I am an Haitian American working for Miami Dade County. I have my Mother in Haiti she is 90 years old and she is still alive, she is a US resident but she gets very sick since after the earthquake because she doesn’t have her medicine to take. I am begging you please don’t let her die how can you help me get her back to the state. I can go and get her myself just provide me the way to go get her. If you can have someone get her and bring her back to the state God will bless you sir.

    Her Name is Leonie Charles
    Her Address In Haiti is 22 Impasse Lespinasse Avenue Christophe Port-AU-Prince Haiti
    Phone Number: 011509 34733697

    My Phone number is: 786 223-3700
    My Home Number is 954 432-0456
    My work Number is 305 596-8859

    I know you may get tone of request, please sir help me get my mother home God will bless you.

  2. The National Pest Management Association, with 7,000 members world wide, stands at the ready to provide free pest management services within Haiti, to help with the protection of public health. Our members and scientists stand at the ready to donate expertise, labor, guidance, and materials necessary. We have offered our assistance through CIDA but would like to make this offer to you all as well.

  3. Is the Red Cross accepting comfort kits (toiletries) for Haitian relief or only monetary donations?