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Red Cross Relief in Haiti: Google Map

It’s been one month since the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Today, we put out a one-month progress report detailing our efforts in Haiti. Visit our Disaster Online Newsroom to read it.

Additionally, we’ve created a Google Map to show a general picture of Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti. Click around to see where photos were taken, where relief distributions are taking place, and more!

View Red Cross Haiti Relief Efforts in a larger map

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  1. I spent two weeks in Port au Prince and NEVER saw the American Red Cross. The Swedish and Norwegian Red Cross were at the hospital and running the mobile clinics. I don’t think the American Red Cross should take credit for the work done by other branches – especially with regard to how it is spending the ‘unprecedented’ donations. Expect to see more bad press as the aid workers out the lack of action on the ground. 100 Red Cross workers on the ground? Big deal! I was with a small NGO that had that many, and nowhere near 255 million dollars in donations.

  2. Heather – Thanks for your comment. The American Red Cross is deeply embedded with the global Red Cross relief effort. For international disasters, our role is primarily to work with Red Cross Movement partners to coordinate a response. For this reason, American Red Cross personnel are sent in small teams of pre-trained and pre-qualified specialists to support the affected country’s Red Cross workers. In total, more than 600 Red Cross and Red Crescent workers from 30 countries around the world are in Haiti working with more than 2,500 Haitian Red Cross volunteers in areas such as health, logistics, and relief supply distribution. The map above is meant to give a general picture of how the Red Cross Movement has been providing relief in Haiti.

    Additionally, we have spent $80 million in one month in order to meet immediate needs of Haitians in a fast, responsible way. The Red Cross will continue to spend the money raised as quickly as possible, with the significant focus now on emergency shelter – tents and tarps ahead of the rainy season. We will remain focused on finding communities and populations in need in Haiti, and giving them the things they can use to survive this difficult situation, until the last donated dollar is spent.

  3. We are the only college in the Gressier area and we are pleased of the hard work of the American red cross in the Leogane area which is a close neighborhood to us.

    As a non denominational liberal arts college we are working hard to resume classes by March 1st. We will accept new students and we will need all kind of supports from American red cross. Since it’s hard to get in touch with your representative on site, please get in touch with us.

    Our students and staff would like to make your works easier and we are grateful to you. If you would like to know more about what we are doing, please visit our website. Thanks a lot to you and to the American red cross for the good job they are doing in Haiti

    Prof. Deleon
    Executive Vice President
    509 3754 2774 / 509 3406 2645
    Christianville College

  4. Gloria Huang,

    Hello, my name is patricia I am doing an essay about non profit organizations. I am suppose to do a small interview and put in my essay. I was wondering who decides where your donations dollars get spent? Also, your organization is a pretty big oraginzation and you have helped so many people through the years How does the organization decide the priority of who gets help first and how much help is sent? How much does it cost to keep this non profit organization going?

    thanks for you help and keep up the great work.

    Patricia Craig

  5. I have been sending money directly to the Jeudy family that lives at 23A rue Jacques 1er impasse lorry Ange Delmas 31 Port au prince Haiti. There are five in the family at this location. Dieula mother 45, Kenithe 26 with brain injury from earthquake, Moicelle 22, Enold 21, and Lyonel 16. They have very little food, no bed, no blankets. They are in desperate need of help. If you could help them sustain their food, they need it very much. I am trying to get Enold to America.

    Thank you.

    Kim Brodie