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  1. I want to do watever i can to help haiti, like many other zambians i may not have much to give, but nine more zambian can give watever they can from wat they have, the contributions can feed ten people in even one day ,and that day the ten will have a meal, they wont go hungry, i want to solicit for more zambians to contribute to this cause.I need a link or something, i cant ask in my own capacity.

  2. Love this. Thanks for showing a little piece of whats going on over there. Be safe and Take care.

  3. Tweeted!

    Nice work Mat. We’re all thinking of you and Haiti here. Take care and be safe.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing you experiences Mat, well done from the heart. You have a whole cheer leading squad over here, stay safe.

  5. February 23, 2010


    My dear friend Francois Filogene, is the superintendent of schools who serves in the Ranquitte and Pignon mountain villages. He lives in Cape Haitia. I have served on the mission field with him for 10 years now. He is trying to help over 150 families of Port-au-Prince who have taken refuge in the mountains where he works.

    For the George Clooney telethon images of my work with Francois were shown that were taken by my photographer Jesse Hutchison. The sad and disconcerting part is that Francois has had access to none of the millions of dollars, tents, medicines, supplies, or food that has been donated by all of the great and compassionate souls from around the world.

    I am writing this letter on his behalf and on behalf of his dedication to his people to get him some relief. It is Francois’ desire to meet the immediate needs, food, clothing, shelter and medical attention of the families that he is trying to assist. And his broader goal is to build an orphanage school that is handicapped accessible, because that is nothing like that in all of the mountains of Haiti. And there is much need.

    Please help me help him. He is a man of great honor and compassion for his people. I have worked with many of his marvelous students in the past. They are awesome.

    I can be contacted at yolanthapace@gmail.com and at 859-936-7313. Francois can be contacted at 011-509-3676-5748 or samuelfilogene@yahoo.fr

    Thanks for all that you do throughout the global community.

    Yolantha Harrison-Pace
    Ambassador for Capacity Inc
    A voice for voiceless women and children in America and Beyond…
    Transforming Women of Today into Women of Tomorrow

  6. Thanks for being there Mat, when so many of us cannot. Like many, I wish I could be there to offer support to survivors and hold the hands of those resilient children who just need to know that someone cares. You are a hero!

  7. Thank you for your commitment, sacrifice and time spent to help these people. Hopefully, it won’t be long and I can join you guys there! It’s my dream!

  8. Hi Mat
    I met you last february in Haïti : I was volunteer at French Red Cross, you went with me during afternoon and I show you how do we provide Drinkable Water at Delmas and Cite Militaire (water trucking, Ofatma hospital…). I hope you didn’t had pb with rain !
    Maybe we will meet in another Red Cross deployment