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  1. Dear Bonnie,
    I am the “room mother” for my son’s fifth grade class. For Valentines, we decided to write letters to the Haitian children, in their native language, Kryol. The kids wrote simple sentences:

    Mwen + ou = Zanmis
    Bonjou, M rele Sarah
    Mwen lespwa ou santi pi bon.
    ou zanmi,

    The kids at Hilton Elementary would love to get their letters along with paper and pens to the children in orphanges or anywhere, letting them know that we are thinking about them and that we care and love them. Hilton is a Communications magnet school and we would love to create communications between the kids in the form of handwritten letters…a lost art! If you can help with ideas or know someone that could help, please contact me @ my email above. Thank you so much! We are in Newport News, VA

  2. Hello Bonnie! My first grade class has been following your blog and has been working on bringing “change” to Haiti for about a month. We have researched the followed the updates on the Haitians, reported to the staff and students and began raising money to donate to the Red Cross! We began collecting money yesterday and received $256.91!! We had a goal of $300, so we are really excited to start off so close. We have 3 weeks left of collecting money so we’ll keep you posted! We love watching the videos and seeing where and what our money will be doing! Thank you!

  3. Greetings..
    i first want to say God bless your heart for the work in Haiti
    I just came from Haiti along with my organization.
    I am trying so hard to bring awareness to Haitis condition and i need to talk to you..
    please contact me if you can

  4. Hey Bonnie,
    WOW i am so happy to see that you are still folling your passion to help others. i would love to talk to you again and so would everyone else. my name is Joe Mendez we met in the late 90s at Calvery Beptist church in Oak Cliff in dallas tx. Well anyways My # is 214-402-0938 and My Email is honda_pride@yahoo.com it would be great to hear from you again.