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Earthquake in Chile

Update 11:15am
The American Red Cross has pledged an initial $50,000 from the International Response Fund to assist communities impacted by today’s earthquake in Chile. We are prepared to take further action as local responders assess the situation.

We are waking up to news of a massive earthquake in Chile.

We are working with the International Federation of Red Cross / Red Crescent to determine if and how the American Red Cross is responding.

To ask for or provide information about US citizens in Chile, contact the US State Dept at 1-888-407-4747.

The Chilean Red Cross is on Twitter. @CruzRojainforma. You can translate here: http://bit.ly/9duK6a.

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  1. the 18884074747 isnt really any help for Chilien info. Its still all related to Haite.
    I have a family in Caltapilco. Chile. Of course the phone lines are not working. One of my family friends is a US citizen (dual).
    What other ways to contact. Email is not avail there.

  2. My wife’s sister got in touch via Facebook. She is in Santiago. But that’s all I’ve gotten so far. No word from anywhere else.

  3. My mother-in law is there with her husband in Vina del Mar visting his parents have not heard from them..

  4. CNN Chile is live showing the damage. Phone lines are down but I was able to contact someone on Facebook (my family is fine, thank God). Many places don’t have electricity.
    My prayers are with the Chilean people, so sad

  5. i have family in Curacavi, Chile. I would like some help in reaching them. that number I keep hearing about on the news does not help in anyway.
    I’m worried sick. can you help in any way? All they have is cell phones. It’s my sister, her husband, and her two children.
    Denise Michele O’Hearn Ibarra de Ugalde
    Rosario Ugalde O’Hearn
    Cristobal Vernon Ugalde O’Hearn
    Juaquin Ugalde

  6. My Niece Sara is in Chile as a college student studying abroad from Cincinnati. She is staying in Santiago but last word we had is they were traveling to the south coast Friday at 6:00 am.
    We are pray9ing we will hear from her/someone soon! The state department # is not able to help yet.

  7. I am trying to find a way to contact my family in Chile. I believe that the state department is not available yet. What other way is there to contact them?
    Prayers for everyone in Chile

  8. Una cosa que podemos hacer todos es elevar una plegaria al Dios de nuestra preferencia.
    Estoy plenamente convncido que American Red Cross y Cruz Roja Internacional proveera la mejor informacion posible en tiempo y forma.
    Paciencia y Fe…que Dios Bendiga a todos los Voluntarios que estan ayudando a Chile en estos momentos.
    Mi esposa y suegros son Chilenos(vivimos en USA) y algunos de sus familiares estan hospitalizados en Santiago, medio graves pero estables. La comunicacion fue via telefonica hace un par de horas.

  9. We just got word that Sara is safe. Luckily she and her student friedns went south to Castro for the weekend. There is not much damage there and she was able to find a store where she could pay for internet service and she was on facebook with her Mom. Power of prayer is great!

  10. I am keeping all the families devastated by this earthquake and all of those looking for their family in my prayers.

  11. Marco – the State Dept number is now updated to reflect the situation in Chile; early this morning it had not yet been switched over from Haiti. Thanks.

  12. I am trying to get in contact with my 91 year old aunt who lives alone. I am not able to reach her. Can anyone tell me how to reach her?

  13. I can’t get in touch with my brother Pierre de Reggaeton boys. Please let me know should you get any news.

  14. Phone lines are still down in most places and electricity is still out in a lot of areas. There is a google site for looking for lost family members that were in Chile. You can also post information about people that you know are safe. The website is http://chilepersonfinder.appspot.com/

    Las líneas telefónicas están todavía en la mayoría de los lugares y la electricidad sigue siendo en muchas áreas. Hay un sitio de Google para buscar a familiares perdidos que estaban en Chile. También puedes publicar información sobre las personas que usted sepa que son seguros. El sitio web es http://chilepersonfinder.appspot.com/

  15. Writing on behalf of Patty Poblette of Los Gatos, California. She wants news of her family in Vina del Mar – many brothers, several nieces and nephews. If anyone has any information, send it to me at megandd@comcast.net

    Prayers to everyone – keep the faith.

  16. looking for Joe Stoffers and Isis skara-pergler. They are camping on the coast south west of Santiago somewhere. Joe was planning on surfing.

  17. hi,
    I was just in San Pedro, Concepcion Nov 27- Dec 13, 2009, Chile with my fiance.
    I live in Boston, Massachusetts and was planning to move there in dec 2010. I have not heard anything from him or his family since Fri. He and I skyped on Friday and were able to see each other, laugh and joke around and were planning on skype again this sunday. His name is victor hugo san martin valenzuela. He lives in San Pedro and works at FPC fabrica/empresa en Concepcion.
    Prayers for all!

  18. I am trying to locate my dear friend, Maria Isabel Garcia Reyes. She and I met in 1998-1999 when I still lived in New York and we became very close friends. February 2000 I relocated to California and a few months later she returned to Chile with her newborn daughter. She lives in Santiago and works for Universidad Gabriela Mistral. I am trying desperately to locate her and her family to make sure they are safe. Her boyfriend’s name is Jose Luis. She has two children — Camila and Benjamin. If anyone knows anything please let me know! Diane Perez O’Connor – Henderson, NV

  19. Hola preciosa Stefanie Charity. Estoy bien y mi familia también acá en San Pedro de la Paz; Concepción; Chile. Aun seguimos con replicas del terremoto y alertas de tsunamis, pero por lo menos las comunicaciones están bastante restablecidas. Un abrazo enorme y un beso en tu frente. Tranquila, preciosa; estaremos en contacto.