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  1. I have been selected as a State Finalist in Zinch’s March Madnezz Scholarship Competition. I have the potential to win $20,000!

    But I don’t want all of the money to go to me. If I win the competition I will donate .50 cents to Chile for every vote I get. This might not sound like much but lets say I get 600 votes, thats $300. Or 1000 votes, that’s $500. It could be even higher if we work together.

    I’m currently winning the State Round Competition with 340+ votes. There are two more rounds I got to go through. The Regional and the Top 64 round. The one with the most votes in the top 64 wins the Scholarship. I will add up the votes from State, Regional, and the Top 64 round and those will be the votes/money that will go to Chile.

    To vote for me simply go to Zinch.com and create a profile. Make sure you confirm your account with an email that they will be sending you.

    After you done that vote for me by going here:

    Thanks for supporting Chile!

  2. I’m from Chile my family is ok but Concepcion is a disaster, buildings came down, people are trapped is a nightmare. My mother’s cousin is lost, we heard from her after the earthquake and after the tsunami we haven’t heard from her. I’m really worried for everyone, please help Chile

  3. Hi Omar,

    First of all, congratulations on being a state finalist. Great job! I was really curious about this competition, so I went to zinch and read the official rules. I am worried that you may be misunderstanding how the contest works, so I thought I would post a couple of points here.

    First, the state rounds will choose 1000 contestants to move on from the current 2500. That means there will be several going from each state, not just the top vote recipient. Also, there are 8 rounds of voting (the top 64 begins the basketball-style bracket voting). So, you would be committing to pay money for all of the rounds, which could easily go into the thousands.

    Second, you say that “I don’t want all of the money to go to me”, but the money does NOT go to you. You make is sound as if you will pay your promised Haiti funds out of the $20,000. However, the Zinch rules state: “Zinch will pay the Scholarship directly to the accredited college or university of a winning Eligible Participant, paid evenly over the full course of the participant’s tenure in college. Eligible Participants who are in high school will have all awards paid over the first four years of university study, in four equal annual payments.” This means that they will pay $5000 annually to your college.

    I just want to be sure you understand how this works before you make financial commitments that you may not be able to follow through on.

    I wish you the best of luck in the contest! Sounds like a great scholarship for some lucky student.