1 minute readBlood, Disaster, Health & Safety, Military Support
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Tweets of the Day

  • NBCNewsCrew It warms my heart to see @RedCross put smiles on faces of those who have experienced so much sadness. http://twitpic.com/1iwkd2
  • formerlycayless Just worked with the Red Cross emergency call center to help a servicemember’s wife get to DC to be with him through his recovery.
  • ntfb http://twitpic.com/1iwf1z – Today we’re at a Mass Care tabletop, practicing what we, the Salv Army, Vol Cntr & Red Cross do in an emergency
  • ErinGreenBean My grandpa needs a blood transfusion. Exactly why everyone should give blood: chances are you or someone you know will need it. redcross.org
  • ShaunRolls I guess in CPR a few stanzas of any 6 line Iambic Pentameter will do the trick… Poetry has practical application!