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Paying It Forward

We rely on the generosity of our donors every day here at the Red Cross. Amazing stories like the one below are great examples of how far an act of kindness can extend.

Have you ever been inspired to give because of someone else’s actions? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Leisa and Johnny Huddleston of Nashville came to the American Red Cross, Friday, to help out. They had been presented with $500 in cash by Postmaster Monty Hyder at the Madison Post Office. It was a collection taken up from Johnny’s co-workers who heard that their home had suffered some damage from the recent flooding in the region.

Tennessee Floods 2010

Paul is a supervisor at the post office and he and his wife were deeply touched by the generosity of his friends but could not in good conscience accept the money even though it would come in handy for the clean-up that they faced in their home.

“There are so many people who are much worse off and need it more than we do,” Johnny said. “We know that it will benefit more people by giving it to the Red Cross.”

They arrived at the Nashville disaster operations center unannounced Friday morning and presented the $500 in cash to American Red Cross fund raising supervisor Mark Brinkerhoff. “You are wonderful people,” Brinkerhoff told the couple. “We appreciate it so much.”

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