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Be a Summer Hero

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and that means pools are opening, the weather is warming, and people are taking to the great outdoors to have some summer fun!

Our recent poll on Summer Safety had some very interesting factoids. Did you know that…

  • 68% of Americans have been involved in some kind of summer emergency- ranging from insect bites, heat stroke and broken bones to more life-threatening situations?
  • Men were more likely then women to encounter emergency situations (76% versus 61%)?
  • The most common site where chocking incidents happen is in the home?
  • About two out of three people are confident they could help someone with CPR?
  • 84% of people would very likely try to give CPR to a family member, but only 45% would do the same for a stranger?

Check out complete poll results here: [PDF download]

Now is a great time to refresh your preparedness skills – you never know if you will need to be someone’s summer hero. Even taking one little step – like learning Compression-Only CPR on YouTube – can go a long way. These girls know the importance of properly don compression-only CPR in the event of a (admittedly fictional) wild pool shark attack:

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  1. My brother had breathing problems and passed out 3 months ago. I never did cpr before but it probably saved his life. CPR is a skill everybody should learn