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Red Cross Reaches Flood Survivors in Vietnam with Ox Carts

Vietnam has been inundated by two major storms in recent weeks. With more than 100 dead and a half million people affected, the American Red Cross has committed $30,000 to the disaster response.

Though footage of the army delivering food via helicopter has made the evening news in Vietnam, some of the transportation means used by Vietnam Red Cross volunteers have been more humble in getting to those in need: xe bo, or simple carts hauled through isolated areas by cows. These xe bo working in the service of local branches of the Red Cross have been delivering instant noodles, clothes and clean drinking water to people in remote, storm affected areas.

According to authorities over 120,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and 3,500 people have been transferred via bus to various cities after flooding left train tracks unusable.

The American Red Cross has had an office in Vietnam for approximately 10 years and has worked with the Vietnam Red Cross on a variety of programs, including HIV prevention education; care and support activities for people living with HIV; the development of disaster early warning systems; training for first responders and school-based disaster preparedness education.