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Piper the Puppy

Piper the Puppy is the newest and cutest disaster relief item created by the Dallas Red Cross. Buy one yourself, or buy one with a group. Put your name on Piper’s paw pad and know that your Piper will bring comfort when he’s handed out to a child burned out of her home.

Piper the Puppy is a new addition from our Dallas chapter.

How Piper the Puppy Works

  1. You make a $100 donation to the American Red Cross-Dallas Area Chapter.
  2. The Red Cross writes your name on Piper’s paw and then places him on one of our Disaster Relief Vehicles
  3. Volunteers hand out your “Piper the Puppy” to a child affected by a disaster.
  4. An alert is sent to you when your Piper has been distributed.
  5. You feel great knowing that your “Piper the Puppy” is being loved by a child in need.

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  1. Set aside the fact that making a $100 donation to such a great organization as the Red Cross is worthwhile in itself. Imagine, rather, a child who is either too young or too shocked to understand WHY they can’t “Just go inside their home and grab a toy and watch cartoons”! Instead, they may be sitting on a curb outside of what used to be their families’ home and watching firemen load up hoses and equipment! For a child who has just lost the entire world as they know it, the comfort of a stuffed puppy may be all they have to hang on to for a while. You may never hear of these tragedies that occur every day in the communities that surround you. That is unless you have purchased a “Piper the Puppy” and made that donation to the organization that responds to these community disasters on a daily basis! IF you have made this contribution in your own name, or even in memory of a loved one, you would be notified through the Red Cross that your Piper was given to a child and even the circumstances that involved the gift! Now, imagine that you’ve just recieved a call informing you that “YOUR” Piper was given to that child, and TRY to swallow the lump that has risen in your throat! Remember, each Piper you purchase through the $100 donation, will have ANY name that you choose hand written on the sole of that Pipers’ foot- to remind that special child who thought of “them” in their time of despair!