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What is a Duckworth?

Peggy Dyer is the Chief Marketing Officer of the American Red Cross.

We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with the design firm Turner Duckworth.  We will be working with Turner Duckworth over the next few months to develop an updated visual identity system that will provide updated brand style guidelines (look and feel) and logo usage for items such as licensing and co-branding opportunities, promotional items, signage, and a collateral system for all lines of business.

We are not changing the American Red Cross logo or emblem. The new design system will leverage our existing brand equities, like our iconic emblem, while also developing a more meaningful and impactful visual identity to maximize the brand’s potential, particularly with younger constituents.

Turner Duckworth’s clients are titans in their respective categories.  Though most known and regarded for their identity system for Coca-Cola, their other clients include Amazon, Virgin Atlantic, Motorola, and even the rock group Metallica.

Their sleeves are rolled up and they are ready to start!

Throughout this project, we’ll be blogging to keep you updated, to hear your ideas and thoughts on our brand, and ultimately to share the breathtaking work we expect.

Much, much more to come…