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Hurricanes in season – witness Bret [NOAA Hurricane Center]
He’s not a threat to the mainland, but a good reminder to get prepared coastal friends.

Jacksonville Beach inducts lifeguards [Miller on Sports]
While the initiation is juvenile and painstakingly funny, these new recruits are highly trained and will perform well for the residents and tourists of Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Flurricane Warning [Cute Overload]
Increasing cyclonic bands of showers and an unstable warm front indicate this is the perfect puppistorm! Be prepared for the devastating eye wall.

The Safe House [Web Urbanist]
This shape-shifting, monolithic, urban bunker adjusts its exterior to meet all your security needs from pesky tool-borrowing neighbors to a full-on zombie apocalypse.

Drowning: A Silent Killer [The Anchor Mom]
How could ten people die every day by drowning? Anita Foster at the American Red Cross Dallas says one reason is many of us have the wrong idea about what to expect when drowning is occurring.

Thinking in an Emergency [Boston Review]
Interview with author Elaine Scarry