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Honoring Our Veterans

Friday, November 11th is Veterans Day. This annual and federal holiday in the United States (Armistice Day or Remembrance Day are celebrated on the same day in other parts of the world) honors those who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces.

An important holiday worldwide, Veterans Day is especially significant throughout the Red Cross because of the organization’s ties, through the Services to Armed Forces (SAF) program, to the United States Military.

– The Red Cross provides pre-deployment briefings on the support systems and resources available to service members and their families while service members are away.

– The Red Cross provides – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – a lifeline between service members and their families by verifying and transmitting emergency messages.

– Additionally, the Red Cross provides military families with access to financial assistance in partnership with military aid organizations as well as referral information and assistance to veterans.

So this Friday, take a few moments to thank those who have bravely and generously served our country through membership in the Armed Forces.

– Post a thank you message on Facebook or tweet a thank you message on Twitter.

– Participate in the Holiday Mail for Heroes program by making a holiday card for a service member, veteran, or military family. (Click here for more information about the Holiday Mail for Heroes program.)

– Donate blood at one of the hundreds of Veterans Day blood drives going on throughout the country. (Click here to find a Veterans Day blood drive in your area.)

– Donate a monetary gift, in honor a service member, veteran, or military family, through the Red Cross Holiday Giving catalog. Even a small amount ($50 = 1 military comfort kit, $20 = 1 military phone card, and $30 = hygiene kids for 3 homeless veterans) can make a tremendous different in the life of an active duty service member or veteran. (Click here to shop the Red Cross Holiday Giving catalog.)

My sincerest thanks to all of our veterans, and happy Veterans Day.

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  1. The service to the military is no small part of my own pride of doing volunteer work for the ARC
    Each year, my family demonstrates our support with an entry into our local Fairmont, WV Veteran’s Day Parade. I would send you a picture of this years…if I knew how!

    Pictured therein is my 7 year old grandson in his 4th
    Veteran’s Day Parade! This year my 4 year old granddaughter made her first debut appearance!

    They love it…but it is, in fact, a “teaching moment” creating respect and vaues all American citizens should have. God bless America and the ARC!