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What is it?

What on earth is this thing!?!  At first glance, it looks like some kind of mini space-craft from an alien planet that’s about to take some kind of useful information about earth to a mother ship…

Maybe it’s a new tool that your doctor’s office is using for…

Perhaps it’s a handheld heating device?

How about this year’s hottest child’s toy (step aside, Tickle Me Elmo…)

ACTUALLY, it’s The American Red Cross Road Torq – a tiny device (fits comfortably in your car’s glove box) that serves as a hands free  flashlight and red flashing safety beacon.  Crank this little thing for only two minutes and you’ll get a full 15 minutes of light to change that flat tire in the middle of the night or dig through your trunk to find that missing shoe.

What else can this sweet little device be used for?  Perhaps you’d like to put it in your camping or backpacking gear…  Maybe it would be helpful as you’re digging through your attic for a box that you “swore” was right over there…Maybe the kids would get a kick out of it for slumber parties?

Now we’re always promoting preparedness here, so why not have something COOL looking to help prepare your car too?  Besides, you can always make your passengers try to figure out what it is on long road trips.  So many uses…