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Katniss’ Preparedness Sponsor

As Katniss ventures into the the arena, she will need Sponsors that will provide valuable supplies to help her win. We decided to be Katniss’ “Preparedness Sponsor” and would provide her with the following items to be prepared for staying in the arena for multiple nights in unpredictable conditions.


We chose this little drawstring bag for a few reasons. First, it has a nice personal first aid kit included in it. If Katniss had too many first aid supplies, she might be a target for other groups, but a single kit keeps her under the radar (it even has safe drinking water for when she’s in a pinch). Secondly, the bag has strings, and we all know how important rope can be when you’re wandering around the woods trying to catch stuff and avoid people. Lastly, the bag can be used for collecting water or carrying food! It’s a multi-tasking machine!

“Space” Blanket

While this may not look like much, a space blanket will be a wonderful sponsor gift. Not only will it help keep Katniss warm on freezing nights, it can also help protect her from the rain (or capture rainwater!).

If you were Katniss’ sponsor, what would you send her and why? Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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