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“Thank God I had a plan”

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We caught this piece on the Today Show this morning and had to share:

When yesterday’s tornadoes wreaked havoc throughout the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, Lisa Rebstock was prepared. After hearing the warnings, she had only three minutes to collect her two young girls and race to the bathroom as the tornado furiously swept toward her home in Arlington, Texas.

“It was the most terrifying thing I have ever been through. I grabbed onto both kids so hard. I had no idea what was going on. When it hit our house, I heard a loud thud, a crash and all of a sudden wind was coming through our house.”

Just a week earlier, Lisa had packed a preparedness kit with baby bottles, diapers, snacks, flash lights, and everything her family would need to survive a day. The extra step she took to have this kit ready made a world of difference for the family yesterday.

We salute Lisa for being Red Cross Ready, and we’re so glad that the Rebstock family, along with many other families in the Dallas Fort Worth area, are okay!

You can take the same steps to protect yourself and your family today:

1. Get a kit
2. Make a plan
3. Be informed