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Be Still My Crossword Heart

I simply love the New York Times crossword puzzles. When my dad was alive, he and I would do them each day, and we would call each other daily when we were done. My dad never missed a clue, and even at 81, he could still finish the puzzle before I was even half way through.

Needless to say, I was so tickled with the theme of Thursday’s puzzle: the American Red Cross, in honor of the 100th anniversary of our founder Clara Barton’s death. The blackened boxes centered in the grid resembled our iconic symbol, and we were the hints for four puzzle clues. I filled out the puzzle with a silly grin on my face.

Thank you to puzzle editor Will Shortz and puzzle creator Michael Shteyman for featuring our organization, which is dedicated to helping people in need whenever and wherever emergencies strike. You have our—and Clara’s—heartfelt thanks.

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  1. Ref: Case  No. 00116148

    Dear Gail McGovern:

    On March 15, 2012 I wrote to you outlining my complaints with management here in Broward County and the South Miami Regional office. As you are aware, Jacqueline Luis-Padilla of HR was assigned to investigate the allegations that goes on in both counties. 

    On April 20, 2012, After approximately a month long investigation of my allegations, I received a telephone call from Ms. Padilla advising me of the following outcome and conclusions: 

    A) management will undergo sensitivity training
    B) revamp the Disaster Action Team (DAT) 
    C) not at liberty to discuss the actions taken with management and 
    D) also asking for my return

    In truth nothing has really been accomplished, other than people being 
    written up. The very people that I had complained about are still assigned to their position. And if that wasn’t enough they have ask me to go back and try and work them. This is the end results of a month long investigation by National  Head Quarters…..

    Although I am  disappointed  of the outcome, I refuse to let this in anyway diminish my  faith in being a volunteer. But this I will tell you I will continue to   fight for my rights and the rights of every volunteer.

    My intentions should be very clear, I will continue to oppose all those in managerial positions not doing their jobs to rectify situations, by continuously  violating regulations,  exceeding there authority, violating confidentiality and above all abusing the system. 

    Daniel Torres