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Won’t You Be My (Good) Neighbor?

It’s almost here! National “Good Neighbor Day” is September 28th, and I’m gearing up to be a good neighbor in my community. You see, I live in a wonderful condo complex…I have amazing neighbors who bring me extra oranges from the garden, greet my dog when we’re out, and get my mail when I’m gone, and I’ll carry their heavy bags up to their house from their car, and deliver wine to their door on special occasions. They know my anniversary AND when my birthday is! We’ll even call each other if something looks “weird” or suspicious (a neighbor called one day asking if we knew whether the people at our place were “coming” or “going” with a couch…luckily, they were coming with one!).

Overall, it’s a pretty perfect neighborly situation. It kinda reminds me of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, where only cool things happen and we’re constantly sharing with one another, and are always smiling and enjoying the good weather.

So I was wondering what I could possibly do on “Good Neighbor Day,” when it dawned on me. I’m not sure if my building has an evacuation plan or a meeting place. Also, many of my neighbors are senior citizens, and I am not sure if they have a preparedness plan in place – knowing full well that their plan will greatly differ from mine.

So for Good Neighbor Day I pledge to do the following: 1) At our next HOA meeting, ask if we have an evacuation plan in place and make sure we all know where to go and that we have a “buddy system” so that everyone can get out safely. 2) In addition to dropping off a basket with a bottle of wine, and some snacks, I plan on including this pamphlet that’s geared toward senior preparedness.

It might feel weird to approach your neighbors with this kind of information, but I care enough to make sure that we all have a solid plan that will ensure our safety if we’re faced with an emergency.

Besides, I really like the oranges they bring me and use of their herb garden..I think we all win here 🙂

So won’t you be my (virtual) neighbor this year and help someone in your neighborhood?