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International Focus: Growing Concerns in Gaza and Israel

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) posted a piece on their blog about the conflict in Gaza and Israel that is worth a read. The ICRC is an independent society that helps all around the world in cases of armed conflict. They provide critical humanitarian services to people affected by armed conflict, while maintaining a completely neutral status. Read more about the ICRC’s work here.

From the post:

… the delivery of medicines and medical materials is for now the priority for our team in Gaza. If hostilities intensify, a shortage is likely and would have dramatic consequences for people in need of medical care.

Our Gaza office is also working – with limited staff due to security – with local water engineers to ensure they can carry out repairs allowing civilians living in areas where infrastructure has been damaged to access clean water.

From a humanitarian standpoint, the continued movement of ambulances and goods into and inside the Strip will be of paramount importance until a ceasefire takes shape or a cessation of hostilities occurs.

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