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You’re going where?


To do what?

Work at our Service to the Armed Forces office on Bagram Air Field.

For how long?

About 5 months

They make uniforms in your size?

I hope so.

You only get 3 bags?

Yes, 3 Army duffel bags most of which will be filled with issued gear and uniforms.

These are just some of the many questions I heard when explaining my latest Red Cross adventure to family and friends.

To understand how I got here, I guess you’ll have to hear a bit about my past. In high school I took the lifeguard training course and worked a the town pool for a few  years. In college, I volunteered to work and organize the campus blood drives. I even spent a summer interning at the Red Cross chapter in Lewisburg, PA.

I spent the first few months after college working for a software company. It didn’t take long to realize that software testing just wasn’t for me.

I found myself back with the Red Cross, this time in a staff position at National Headquarters working with Service to the Armed Forces. Some of my closest family and friends are in the military, so it’s a job that I find meaningful and rewarding.

When given the opportunity to deploy, I couldn’t say no. As a rookie on the Afghanistan team, I’m looking forward to serving our military overseas and seeing another side of Red Cross SAF.

Today, was day 1 of deployment and casework training. There will be a lot to learn in these next months, but I know I have amazing coworkers and teammates to help me out along the way.

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  1. I know that you will be very busy both getting ready here and then when you are overseas, but do you think that you would be able to keep some type of blog? I would love to read about your experiences!

  2. I will be doing my best to continue to contribute blog posts as often as I can. They will be up here on the Red Cross blog, so please do check back!