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I Know Where I’m Going

A couple weeks ago, our colleagues at the International Committee of the Red Cross shared a powerful short film, featuring a man who worked in South Yemen named Hussein Saleh.


Through Mr. Saleh’s words, we learn about life in the conflict area and how the ICRC networks with the government and other parties. As a result, detainees held by a Jihadist group can be visited for the first time.


Every time we find out there is a new faction, we visit in order to introduce the ICRC to them. We explain to them the ICRC is [a] neutral, humanitarian organization. The aim is the assist people during a conflict. We do meetings to secure the safety of our people.

The film is roughly 10 minutes long, and well worth the watch. The narration is moving, and the story is both enlightening and sobering.


All my concern is to reach those people and deliver the assistance to them. This is within me. It never changes.

I Know Where I’m Going from Intercross on Vimeo.

To read more about the mission of the ICRC, visit their site here.

To learn more about International Humanitarian Law, you can read a blog post I wrote in early 2012, here.