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How to Survive Cabin Fever

Written by Jecoliah Ellis

It may be storming outside, but it smells amazing inside Donna’s condo on Cape Cod.

j and bassShe is serving up steak tips and spinach soufflé. One positive to being snowed in is you have extra time to make a delicious meal, maybe even dessert if your loved ones are lucky. If you are planning to be a master chef it’s important to cook while you have electricity because as is the case in New England thousands of our neighbors are without power.

If you’re not a whiz in the kitchen there are a few other things you can do to keep yourself from going stir crazy.

1) Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has banned residents from driving so we can’t hop in the car and explore the scenes. Local and national news outlets are broadcasting around the clock bringing viewers all the incredible photos. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way – instead sit back and let the remote do the work. I’d be remiss not thanking members of the media who are out there braving the conditions along with first responders, OEM and Red Cross volunteers.

Also if you’re a social media junkie like us follow weather organizations like NOAA and The Weather Channel for the very latest.

j and seabassAs I listen to the wet snow pound on the sky line and watch the lights constantly flicker I know we may lose power soon. But we need to be connected so we have our phones and iPads charging now and have multiple ports in the car in case we need a charge in the middle of the blizzard. Just make sure you crack the windows if you’re sitting in your car getting some more juice. (Thanks for the tip Renita!). Oh and not to worry if the electricity goes out and it gets start we have a 125 pound bundle of love German Shepard to keep me warm.

2.) Music makes the world go round so put on some jams and have a dance party. You’ll burn some calories from your five star meal and you’ll find your smiling a minute later. Trust me I do it all the time.

3.) Donna’s condo is impeccable, but if you’re more of the disorganized type like me you may want to take this time to tidy up your house and get around to some of the projects on the “to do” list.

If all else fails you can make a snowman ( if it’s safe to do so) or catch up on some sleep. Whatever you chose to do with your free time be safe and enjoy this rare opportunity to enjoy a break from our fast paced often hectic lives.

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