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Hey Dorothy – There’s an App For That!

After the release of the Tornado App this week I started wondering what the Wizard of Oz would be like if we had equipped some of the characters with our smart phone apps…Would the story turn out any differently?

Let’s start with the actual tornado that seemed to cause all this nonsense. Well, technically, if Dorothy had our new Tornado App, she would have known that there was a tornado warning in her area and probably may have had enough time to make it to her basement, or inner hall closet where she would be protected from flying debris.

Next, let’s talk about the Wicked Witch of the West’s sister. If she had taken the preparedness quiz in the Tornado app, she would know that her ruby slippers would not prepare her for the upcoming tornado season (true story, check it out). Maybe she would have survived the house dropping on her. Or better yet, maybe her equally evil sister would have been able to help if she was only using our First Aid App!

Another part of the movie that struck me as being in need of some Red Cross apps was when the Wicked Witch lit the Scarecrow on fire. If she had been using our Wildfire App, she would have known that fire spreads quickly, and that one way to be prepared for an incoming fire is to wet down the area surrounding your house. If she had known this, she probably would have had second thoughts about lighting the Scarecrow on fire and causing her own demise!

And lastly, I think Dorothy may have never needed to go down the Yellow Brick Road if she had just used our “I’m Safe” and “Shelter” features on any of our apps. Her family would have known she was safe, and she would have known they were safe. Additionally, had they been using the apps, they would have known to have an out of town contact and a family emergency plan, so Dorothy wouldn’t have to panic about finding the wizard to find her family!

Visit our Mobile Apps page so you too can have a happy ending!