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Old School Preparedness – A Fallout Shelter

Last week, I stumbled across some amazing semi-local news….”Woodland Hills Homeowners Find Fully Stocked Fallout Shelter in Their Backyard” Um, awesome… This is a piece of history, a glimpse into how seriously people used to take preparedness, and what went into a full-scale disaster preparedness kit.

Mind you, I fully understand that fallout shelters are not a thing of my generation, therefore I do not fully grasp the severity/fears of the nuclear age. But as a Red Crosser, I geeked out.

Fallout shelters were so important that not only were supply lists for them heavily distributed, but ways to make living in a fallout shelter more pleasant were also widely discussed. Some of my favorite suggestions for making living in a fall out shelter more tolerable:

Change the lighting (from fluorescent to incandescent and back) every few days
Paint the walls different colors
Play tapes of daily activities (traffic, refrigerators turning on/off, children playing)

But looking at the suggested sheltering supply list from the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization – I was happy to learn that many of the basics of being prepared have not changed…What would you add to this list based on today’s disaster preparedness knowledge?

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  1. We also found a good resource from Captain Wayne Bennett. He created a disaster preparedness calculator for schools. It’s actually comprehensive. It contains how to set up an emergency team, supplies, and overview plan.