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How can the Red Cross help MY family?

Many people do not know if the Red Cross can help their family, but the Red Cross is proud to be there for you and whoever you define your family to be. Our seven founding Fundamental Principles guide our services, and among them are:

  • Humanity: We “ensure respect for the human being.”
  • Impartiality: We are impartial to any “nationality, race, religious belief, class or political opinion.”
  • Neutrality: We “may not take sides…in controversies of political, racial, religious or ideological nature.”
  • Independence: We “must always maintain…autonomy,” so we are completely separate from the government.

We are there for your family in emergencies and disasters 24/7. Because of our network of 500+ chapters and presence on 50+ military installations across the world, the American Red Cross is the only organization trusted by the US government and military to provide emergency communication services between service members and their families. You can call the Red Cross Emergency Communication Center anytime at (877) 272-7337 to get information to a stationed or deployed service member about family births, illnesses, deaths or other emergencies. We served more than 131,000 military families last year during emergencies.

Recently we received a call in the middle of the night from a civilian spouse whose same-sex partner was deployed. The spouse was in the hospital and wanted nothing more than to have their partner at their bedside. The Red Cross verified the emergency with the hospital, and provided that confirmation to the commanding officer, who decided to grant emergency leave. Within hours, the Red Cross was able to help reunite the couple.

We also provide other support for service member families, such as:

During a disaster, the Red Cross is also there for you and your family. All families facing disaster have access to Red Cross food, supplies and comfort, and all are welcomed in our shelters. In the aftermath of a disaster, a Red Cross worker will meet with you and your family to talk you through your personalized steps to recovery. We can also help reunite families through our Safe & Well system domestically and through our Restoring Family Links program internationally. We also can help your family prepare for disasters or other emergencies through checklists, CPR/AED/First Aid training, and babysitting and caregiver courses.

If you have any questions about how the Red Cross can support your family, please contact your local Red Cross. The Red Cross is proud to serve you and your family. Here are some Red Cross families who work to help yours:

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  1. who can I get in contact with about getting an old redcross msg I recieved when I was on active duty back in 1990

  2. Hi Sidney — Thanks for reaching out and for your service to the country. We are unable to assist with this request based on our available records.

  3. I have a family who’s home is infested with bed bugs they have no money no means to take care of this can red cross help

  4. Barbara, we are sorry for the difficulties the family is experiencing. Helping with an infestation of bed bugs is not something the Red Cross is equipped to help with. If there is a 2-1-1 service in your community, we would suggest you call that number to see if there are other resources that might be of assistance. Thank you.

  5. We’ve had heavy rain here for a week resulting in flood warnings and expecting more next week. My husband and I are seniors with limited income and no money to fix our roof or to pay a loan. The rain has caused a lot of damaged inside our home. We need emergency help. Can Red Cross help us?

  6. Me and a few woman are in a shelter with are kids. After a year of trying to get help they tell us last month in September that we have 15 days to leave because there are no more funds. How can you guys help us with any assistance we are afraid to be thrown out in the streets.

  7. Rodney and I had severe water damage in both of our houses resulting from the heavy rain and rising water of Hurricane Harvey. One house is in Orange County and the other house in Newton County. I have pictures of both and would share them with you if needed

  8. I’m a single father of three girls,some years ago I was hurt. I find myself on disability an in need of a home for my children. I get help with bills every so often but getting into a home on a limited income has become a hard struggle. I need help getting into a good home for them,how do I get help I need?

  9. Hi John, we are very sorry to hear of the difficult circumstances you described. Please call “211” to be connected to local social service agencies. We send our best wishes for better days ahead.

  10. My husband and I found out we have a cracked drain pipe. Had waste flood in basement now cannot stay in home. Trying to find places to stay temporarily along with son, his girl n two toddlers. Do you help with hotel costs? Tomorrow will be a week. They haven’t started the work yet. Thanks.

  11. Hi Julie, We are very sorry to hear of your difficult circumstances. As this situation is outside of our scope, please call “211” to be referred to social service agencies and resources in your community which may be available to assist you. Best wishes for better days ahead.

  12. I have a brother stranded on a oil rig in Stockholm Sweden and he is very sick, I don’t have the funds to get him home. Please someone give me a answer as to how I can bring him home before something happens to him, he has a 15 yr old daughter has been waiting since th 19th of December. I am begging for any way to get him home PLEASE HELP ME.

  13. Hi Ginger, we are so sorry to hear of the situation you described. As this is outside of the Red Cross scope of services, please reach out to 211 for assistance. Best wishes for better days ahead.

  14. In currently in chapter 7 bankruptcy court I own my mobile home I pay lot rent park manager shut my water off because she couldn’t evict me due to being in bankruptcy i live in Berwick pA and a minor my son in the home he can’t go to school due to us not having water is there any help for us? We don’t have a car? Can the Red Cross get us in a hotel? Can they help us?

  15. Hi Margaret, We’re so sorry to hear of the situation you described. Please call 211 for assistance in your area, as this is outside of our scope of services. Best wishes for better days ahead.

  16. Do you provide help for non-military families? My daughter is in the hospital for 7 weeks in another state. I flew down to be with her. I am financially challenged, as I have now been here for 3 weeks.

  17. Hi Kathleen, We are very sorry to hear of your difficult circumstances with your daughter. Please call “211” to be referred to social service agencies and resources in your community which may be available to assist you. Best wishes for better days ahead.

  18. My sister in law, her son and husband currently have a gas leak in their home. Is the Red Cross able to provide them with assistance?

  19. Hi Jessica, We’re so sorry to hear of your family’s circumstances. Please have them call “211” to be referred to social service agencies and resources in their community that may be available to assist as this is outside of our scope. Best wishes for better days ahead.

  20. We were displaced during the hurricane. I have a terminal illness and I have not gotten back on my feet. I have a 3,1, 3 month old grandbabies now. Along with my own 8 year old and 19 year old in the house. I need help.