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We Salute YOU, Dave the Plumber

Many people take a Red Cross CPR or First Aid class with the hope that they will never have to use their training outside of the classroom. However, if the occasion arises where you are needed to assist, knowing what to do can literally save someone’s life.

Today, salute YOU, Dave Justino (and Dr. Oz for double checking Dave’s life-saving skills).

Yesterday, a woman in New York was struck by a cab and required immediate medical attention. (see full story here). Dave, having taken a first aid class, immediately pulled his belt off and applied a tourniquet to the woman’s leg, and continued to apply pressure until medical personnel arrived.

His fast response, coupled with appropriate first aid training, may have saved the woman’s life.

It doesn’t take a medical professional or superhero to save a life; in fact, any “Dave the Plumber” can make a huge difference with the right training. Consider taking a first aid class soon – you can hope you will never need to use it, but you will be thankful if you do.

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