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5 Quidditch Safety Tips

In honor of the today’s anniversary of the first Harry Potter movie premiere, we’re bringing you Quidditch safety tips from my little brother, THIS GUY:

Brennan Quidditch        Brennan Quidditch 2

Brennan Ross, 21-year-old famed president of the internationally-ranked UCLA Quidditch team, and Hollywood Quidditch consultant (whose work is featured in the movie The Internship), who is a neuroscience major in his free time. And yes, ladies- he’s single!

These pictures of us as kids and at the 2011 Quidditch World Cup pretty much sum up what an embarrassingly proud big sister I am:

annoyingsis Brennan and me Quidditch

If you are on a Quidditch team playing today in honor of the movie anniversary, or if you are planning an upcoming family Thanksgiving game like we are, first check out these safety tips, most of which work for all sports. Since the Red Cross 7 fundamental principles mandate us to help all people, we’ve listed advice for muggles and wizards.

(I’m sure all you wizards have played before, but if you’re a muggle who hasn’t ever “hit the pitch,” here’s an introduction to Quidditch from my brother’s team.)

5. Stretch before brooms up

Muggles: Limber up before getting on that broom! Basic stretches will go a long way toward preventing injuries during the match.

Wizards: Avoid the Duro spell!


4. Stay hydrated

Muggles: Chasing a quaffle up and down the pitch is hard work – even for someone with magical powers. For us muggles, it’s even harder. Make sure you bring a big bottle of water and stay hydrated, even if it’s not hot outside. If you get a headache, get light headed, or your mouth feels dry – sub out and get some water!

Wizards: Use the Refilling Charm frequently!


3. Tackle safely

Muggles: Tackling is probably where the most injuries occur in Quidditch. When you go in for a tackle, make sure you:

  • Hit with your shoulder. You want to avoid hitting with your head; there are no magic spells here to patch it up.
  • Hit your opponent above the waist, but below the shoulders.
  • Keep your head outside. Don’t cross your opponent with your neck, as this can put you at risk for getting a very serious injury.

Wizards: Hold on to your broom! If you or another player is falling, use Arresto Momentum!

2. Seek the Snitch cautiously

Muggles: Those pesky Snitches are notorious for going the strangest places! If a Snitch is going into an unsafe area, stay on the perimeter and plan your attack from a safe distance.

Wizards: It’s an oldie but a goodie: use that Lumos spell if the Snitch takes the game late into the night or into the forest!

1. Stay calm if someone gets hurt


Muggles: Stop the match, and assess the injury. Most Quidditch injuries are minor, but check for bleeding, broken bones or pulled muscles. Continuing to play can exacerbate the problem. If you don’t know First Aid, don’t “wing it!” Check your Red Cross First Aid app, or see if there’s someone nearby who is trained. If the injury is serious, call for help right away.

Wizards: Did you know that more wizards are injured each year in Quidditch than those injured by Dark Magic? Unless this is something that can be healed with a quick Episkey, Ferula, or Tergeo spell, go straight to the infirmary!

To learn more about Quiddich, you can watch this trailer about the upcoming documentary, Mudbloods, featuring my brother! Look for B. ROSS #92!


Special thanks to the UCLA Quidditch team and the creators of Mudbloods for their input and pictures.