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Red Cross Helps Airman Get To Wife & Premature Baby’s Bedside

This is a message the Red Cross received from New Jersey military spouse and mother of three, Leslie Guenther. You can see her blog, MommyCombatTeam, to learn more about her family and her experiences as a military spouse.

Right now I am sitting here reading about a baby that was to go into surgery while his dad was deployed and how awesome the Red Cross was for getting him there in time to be with his family during this trying time. It made me think about how much the Red Cross meant to me during my time of need and I never said thank you. I truly do not know who was all involved but I want to say thank you for the very depths of my heart.

In January 2012 I went into the hospital 7 months pregnant. I was also five states away from my home town and the only source of military support I had. My husband was deployed to Afghanistan and I had a 2 yr old and 3 yr old little boy. My family flew all over to be there to help me but I remember when the doctor said they were going to need to do surgery and I was not looking good. The doctor on duty wrote the paper work and my mother in law got everything rolling with the Red Cross and from there you took over. My husband sent me a message one night telling me the Red Cross had gotten him a flight home to hang on he would be there soon.

Soon after that message my daughter went into distress and the placenta tore away from the wall and everything keeping her alive. I went into Emergency Surgery and while they were saving my daughter I went to cardiac distress so they took her and put me into a coma until I was strong enough to survive another surgery to fix all the issues I had. I woke up 3 days later to my husband’s hands holding my hand and telling me that our daughter was alive and we were going to make it.

Leslie holding her daughter for the first time, four days after a dangerous delivery. The Red Cross made sure her husband was at her side.

I found out that his plane arrived within seconds of our daughter coming into this world. He was able to be there when I could not be for her and that is due to the Red Cross. Thank you so much for understanding the urgency and working to get my him home to care for our precious little baby… He was able to watch her come alive under the NICU care and he was there to help me at the one time in my life I truly could not help myself.

Thank you for putting your own lives on hold to make this possible every day for families like mine. We will forever be grateful to everyone that made it possible for our family to be lifted up during this truly horrific experience. Thank you from this mom of three that is here to be with them today. Thank you from this military wife that is so proud of her husband that serves everyday.

The full Guenther family at a Memorial Day parade.
The full Guenther family at a Memorial Day parade. Today, their daughter is now a healthy 22 month old.

If you are a military family in need of Red Cross Emergency Communication Services, call our 24/7 line at 1-877-272-7337.