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Empowering Generation Prepared

From Lisa Matheson, Disaster Public Affairs Volunteer, Georgia Three Rivers Chapter

The “Boss Bots” is a team of nine students from Carrollton Middle School, in Carrollton, Georgia who competed in the FIRST® LEGO® League, a global initiative to encourage students ages 9-14 to learn about science and engineering by programming an autonomous robot made of LEGOs®.

In addition to the robotics component, the students were also challenged to research a topic and develop an innovative solution for an associated problem. This academic year’s theme is “Nature’s Fury.”

As part of their research on natural disasters, the Boss Bots interviewed Jessica McFadden, Disaster Program Manager from the Georgia Three Rivers Chapter of the American Red Cross, and other representatives from agencies who respond to disasters.

Not surprisingly, every expert stated that the biggest problem is that we simply aren’t prepared.

After brainstorming how to “solve” the lack of preparedness problem, the team developed the “Boss Bots’ Safety Sack.” This sack is an easy to carry vibrant red bag that has a list of Red Cross recommended emergency supplies, such as water, medication, flashlights and food, printed in white lettering on the front.

Thank you, Boss Bots, for getting your community more prepared!

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