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Part of the Puzzle – Our International Movement

Today is world Red Cross/Red Crescent Day – here’s kind of a cheesy – but effective – way to look at the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement:

Click to Mix and Solve

Technically, the movement is comprised of more than 150 “societies” around the world – the American Red Cross being one of them. We’re all pieces of a larger puzzle – and our end image is to provide neutral, humanitarian assistance to those in need…whether it’s in one of our local neighborhoods for a house fire, helping someone get back on their feet after a tornado touches down across the country, or help a country that was devastated by a typhoon halfway around the world.

One in twenty-five people receive help from the global Red Cross network every single year. One in five hundred people in the world is a volunteer for the cause.

The Red Cross network transcends borders. Guided by its seven fundamental principles—humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality—Red Cross volunteers are inspired to help at every turn.

Nearly everyone has a Red Cross story – including the people below. What’s yours? Share your Red Cross story at ifrc.tumblr.com.

PS: you can click on the puzzle if you want to put it back together!

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