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Fourth of July Throwback: Service to the Armed Forces

This Fourth of July, we remember and commemorate all of the service members who sacrificed their comfort and freedom in order to serve our country. The American Red Cross has been a vital part of this story for more than 130 years – providing comfort and care for the wounded, ill and injured, but also ensuring military families stay connected during times of emergency.

Find out more about the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) today, and see the full slideshow of photos from SAF activities then and now on redcross.org.

Here’s a sneak peek:

line for food
WWI. France. Helen Parker of Washington, DC and Helen Ruff of St. Paul, MN are the Red Cross Recreation workers.
1917. Haute Marne, France. General view of Ward 1, Base Hospital No. 52, shows Capt. Frank Bird, dressing patient, nurses Miss L. Rodskapp, Miss Margaret Dell, and Miss Ruth Edmunds.
November 1969. Tuy Hoa, Vietnam. “Airman 1st Class Ronald Ness, 507 Brookside Avenue, North Augusta, South Carolina, tries his hand at shuffleboard in Red Cross recreation room at the Tuy Hoa Air Force Base.
Rec Hut replacement
American Red Cross Recreation Hut near Paris.
looking at bombers
1944. Italy. With the US Army Air Forces. Their eyes are turned upward as they watch returning bombers circle the landing field.

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  1. What is A WWII American Red Cross Prisoner Of War Capture Parcel?
    My Wife’s Father was a crewmember of a B-17 during WWII that was shot down, he broke his leg, jaw and arm.
    He was captured and after several days placed in the first of several hospitals. To make a long story short
    he was still in a hospital when the war ended. He came home w/a small crude suitcase of sorts but had that had a sticker that said Complements of The American Red Cross
    Prisoner Of War Capture Parcel
    Name —————————————————————
    Prisoner Of War No. —————————————-
    I know some of the rations that the POWs received from The Red Cross were just a box wrapped in brown paper and tied both directions. I am wondering if this was something special for the injured GIs of just a left over label used identify the persons belongings while in transit.
    I may be in the wrong place for submitting this type of question. Thank you for your help