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No Tricks, Lots of Treats: Halloween Safety

Ah, Halloween. The time of the year to let your creativity and pop culture aptitude shine. In fact, our favorite unofficial mascot, Clarence Barton, went all in this year:

Millions of us will take to the streets (er, sidewalks. Safety first!) to collect oodles of delicious treats. And most of us know some basic tips, like carrying a flashlight to stay visible and light your path. Whether you’re a Trick-or-Treater or a giver-of-treats, here are some key tips to remember this year:

For the kiddos:

  • Costumes:
    • Use only flame-resistant costumes.HalloweenTips_forest
    • Add reflective tape to costumes and Trick-or-Treat bags.
    • Have everyone wear light-colored clothing to be seen.
    • Instead of masks which can cover the eyes and make it hard to see, use face paint instead.
  • Out and about:
    • Plan the Trick-or-Treat route – make sure adults know where children are going. A parent or responsible adult should accompany young children as they make their way around the neighborhood.
    • Visit only the homes that have a porch light on.
    • Accept treats at the door – never go inside.
    • Walk only on the sidewalks, not in the street. If no sidewalk is available, walk at the edge of the roadway, facing traffic. Look both ways before crossing the street, and cross only at the corner. Don’t cut across yards or use alleys. Don’t cross between parked cars.
    • Be cautious around strange animals, especially dogs.

For the candy givers:

  • Sweep leaves from your sidewalks and steps.
  • Clear your porch or front yard of obstacles someone could trip over.
  • Restrain your pets.

BONUS TIP: Did your little Elsa or Batman fall and scrape their knee while running to the neighbor  house for a Snickers bar? Make sure you have the free Red Cross First Aid App to cover all your emergency first aid needs. Find this and all of the Red Cross apps by searching for American Red Cross in the app store for your mobile device or by going to redcross.org/apps.

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  1. There should be enough adults with children, enough so hands can be held gif ALL children. Predators, child murderers can take a child in one SECOND! That’s what happened to John Walsh’s child in the 70s in a Sears in Hollywood, Fl. He was murdered and beheaded! Did yiu know. That’s how America’s Most Wanted and later The Hunt programs on TV started.

    Parents should inspect All candy.

    I just bought the as seen on TV super flashlight our. Military uses…$19.99 only and it is 5x stronger…floods area in front of yiu…wow…can really see everything ! Would be great to get before Holloween…I bought mine for car and house to see Flying nocturnal squirrels on eaves chewing to get in! Old one too weak.