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The “Tail” of Red Cross Pet Adventures

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their adventures. Red Crossers share some lessons from their furry family members and tips to keep your pets safe.



“Audie blew out his knee on our beach vacation. I used my pet first aid training to make sure he was comfortable and safe until we were able to get him home and to the orthopedic vet. The training also came in handy during his very long recovery from knee surgery.”



“Dover can get a little ambitious with his raw hides and tends to eat them until they are in super small pieces. We try to take it away before they get that small, but sometimes he beats us to it. He’s gotten the small pieces caught in his throat before, so we’ve had to open his mount and pull it out. He just loved those raw hides to the very end!”



“Patches and Mimi are all set at home with a dog preparedness kit, just like I have one for us. The kit has the American Red Cross Pet First Aid book, bowls for food and water, leash, photos, a vet card, copies of papers (county license and latest rabies shot), food, water, a blanket, treats and a couple of toys.” Remember to keep your papers updated in the kit!



“Pippa is a one-year-old goldendoodle. In February her nail got too long and, while playing in daycare, she chipped her nail a little too close for comfort.  I consulted the Pet First Aid App so I’d know what to do if it started bleeding. We took her to the vet and got it cleaned, clipped and bandaged.”




“A few years ago there was a fire in our apartment building. We knew where the crates were and quickly put Louie and Penny into the crates to take them outside with us as we evacuated the building. The only other thing we took with us, besides the cats in their crate, was my purse. We keep a crate in the coat closet by the door so that if there were a fire, we could quickly get them in it and out the door.

Another cat pet tip I try to remember is that lilies and tulips (popular flowers this time of year) are poisonous to cats, so you want to make sure your cat is not eating them!”

Pet owners can download the Red Cross Pet First Aid App for instant access to information on what to do during an emergency with their pet until veterinary assistance is available.