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How This 92-Year-Old Red Cross Volunteer Helps Servicemembers

Mrs. Lina Czubas has been a Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces volunteer for 60 years. She’s still serving at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at 92!

Can you out-pin Lina?

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Lina began her service as a military spouse in 1956 at Fort Dix in New Jersey. As wife to an Army military police, she traveled around the world and continued her volunteer work throughout. She has held a number of volunteer positions during her career, but some of the most memorable to her were as a dental assistant, working in the pharmacy and providing patient and family support.

What Volunteering at Walter Reed Looks Like

Currently, Lina takes a shuttle from Arlington, Virginia, to Walter Reed four days a week to volunteer. As it has for years, her day begins by volunteering in the pharmacy and then continues into the Military Advanced Training Center (MATC) where she visits and offers encouragement to wounded, ill and injured and their families. Lina sits with the service members and their families and listens to see if the Red Cross can make their recovery a bit more comfortable.

Lina offers the love of a mother, a grandmother or just a shoulder to lean on.  She is an extraordinary example of how one person can make an impact on others.

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  1. Mrs. Lina is the light and joy of WRNMMCB my encounters with her are always positive! When she come to the outpatient lab in building 19 we always help her as priority because she is truly the VIP! We love her so much and will do anything for her whenever possible!

  2. I love this woman beyond words! I never never met a more selfless individual in my life. I have had the honor and pleasure of calling her a friend for 14 years now. She is the nicest woman I have ever met and her warm heart radiates any environment she is in. There would be no fault in the world if everyone had just half of the compassion and love that Ms. Lina has. An overall beautiful soul who I would do just about anything for.

  3. Absolutely incredible! I hope one day I get the time, dedication and chance to make a difference to the lives of the brave men and women who lay down their very lives for our tomorrow!

    Good on you, Lina

  4. I just want to tell Ms. Lina that I love her and I miss her hugs and she is always in my prayers. She is a wonder! A truly beautiful soul!!!