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Do You Know What to Do for Pet-Related Emergencies?

Red Cross pet first aid app screenshot We see preparedness as a critical component in all aspects of life, and furry family members are no exception. Whether you have a Great Dane or a tiny kitten, pets are an important part of our lives and we want to keep them safe. Just like it’s our job to feed them, give them water, and take them for a walk, it’s also our job to protect them from harm.

Which brings up a good question – do you know how to take care of your pet in case of an emergency?

Don’t Forget Pet Emergency Preparedness

While you may have a survival kit all ready for the humans in your family, many people forget to include pets in their disaster plan. When a disaster strikes, a well-made survival kit and escape plan can help ensure that everyone, including your pet, make it out safely.

Keeping simple things accessible, like sturdy leashes, water and food bowls, identification and medical records, can make getting out during an emergency so much easier.

A Must-Have App: Pet First Aid

Listed as one of the 20 free must have apps for dog lovers, our pet safety app has all the tools you need to keep your pet safe.

Red Cross pet first aid app screenshotWe especially love features like:

  • Digitally store your pet’s records
  • Contact a nearby veterinarian
  • Look for a lost pet
  • Tips to give your pet medication, travel with your pet and train your pet
  • Help prepare for first aid emergencies

Take our pet safety quiz to test your knowledge!

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