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This CPR-Trained Student Saved a Life in an Unexpected Place

Tre’von Green headshot cpr trainedAt the American Red Cross, we are touched daily by stories of hope, heroism, tragedy and resilience. Stories that connect us with people down the street, across the country—and even around the world. So when a student named Tre’von Green reached out to us to share his extraordinary encounter while studying abroad in Spain, we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

His Lifesaving CPR Story

“Hello! I just wanted to send a thank you to the Red Cross because today you saved an infant´s life in Spain. In September I took an Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED course days before heading to Spain for a semester. Today I was walking down the street and I saw a woman grab her baby out of the stroller and begin to scream asking, “What’s wrong, what’s going on!?” Quickly I ran across the street and saw the baby was choking and convulsing! Instinctively I grabbed the child and began the procedures to clear the child’s throat. After a few seconds globs of mucus left the child’s throat and the choking stopped. I turned him over and the convulsions stopped. Unfortunately so had his breathing. The child was limp and turning blue, eyes rolled back. I immediately began chest compressions and he began to breathe again! He let out a large sigh followed by rapid breaths! He was still limp and unresponsive but breathing and heart beating so I spoke to him […] to gain response. After a few seconds of prodding he opened his eyes and dizzily focused. I handed him back to his mother as the ambulance pulled up and took them to the hospital. I never thought I would ever have to use my training, let alone on an infant. Thank you all so much!”

We assured him the thanks was all ours. Tre’von’s quick action and compassion for others returned a child safely to his mother’s arms.

How has this lifesaving experience changed him? “I thought I wanted to be a nurse but at that moment I KNEW it was my calling,” he said.

If you would like to learn more about Red Cross training, including First Aid, CPR and AED, please visit RedCross.org.