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Around the Web: Digital Disaster Relief Innovations

Providing disaster relief via social media is something our team does often – from offering preparedness tips on Twitter to publishing shelter locations on Facebook. So when we see articles pop up talking about digital innovations in disaster relief, our ears perk up.

Empowering local communities

Interested in disaster response in the digital age? Phys.org took at a look at how affected communities use social media during emergencies. The article features case studies and expert interviews, including insights from the Australian Red Cross.

“There’s a widespread view of the ‘community as the victim’ in disaster research, but we’re fascinated by the power of the people on the ground.” (Carmen Leong, a lecturer at UNSW Business School)

Gamifying disaster relief with augmented reality

Smithsonian Magazine published an article earlier this month that caught our attention: “How Pokémon Go Can Save Lives in a Hurricane.” Especially after we wrote about how to stay safe while playing Pokémon Go, we wanted to see what ideas they had. The second paragraph asked some thought-provoking questions:

What if, in response to crises, augmented and alternate reality games like Pokémon Go switched into a mode that rewarded players for donating blood? Delivering water bottles? Filling sandbags? Offering temporary housing? Or evacuating areas threatened by storm, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, or other hazards?

Read the full piece on their website.