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March is Red Cross Month: Meet Cutout Clara

It’s Red Cross Month!

Every March, the American Red Cross celebrates Red Cross Month to honor the more than 300,000 volunteers who help us fulfill our mission across the country, as well as the legacy of our founder, Clara Barton. It’s a tradition that began with President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The 32nd president proclaimed March Red Cross Month in 1943 to raise awareness of the organization’s humanitarian mission. Ever since WWII, every United States president has followed suit by issuing an official proclamation to recognize March as Red Cross Month.

This March, we’re making Clara the centerpiece of our celebration with Cutout Clara — a paper illustration of our founder that can be featured in photographs and shared on social media platforms.

This concept originated in the Red Cross Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) team. The team envisioned Cutout Clara as a tool that could help them show how they support service members, veterans and their families around the world. Overtime, Cutout Clara became a fun and interactive way for volunteers to raise awareness of the full scope of Red Cross efforts to provide disaster relief, international services, lifesaving blood, training and certification as well as support for military families. To date, Cutout Clara has made appearances across the globe alongside many Red Cross volunteers and staff working tirelessly to deliver our humanitarian mission. While you’re out in your community this March, we hope you’ll bring Cutout Clara along to help showcase our mission in action.

Cutout Clara with soldiers in South Korea.
Cutout Clara with soldiers stationed at Camp Casey in South Korea.

If you’d like your very own Cutout Clara, email us at socialmedia [at] redcross [dot] org.

Cutout Clara with Jazmin and her mom at a blood drive.
Cutout Clara with Jazmin and her mom at a Red Cross blood drive.

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  1. I would love to have a cutout Clara Barton to travel with me. Thank you for the offer. Michele

  2. Regular donor (O+) since 12/7/66 (NH/VT Red Cross). Scheduled to attend Award Gathering at Fairfax County Donor Center in Northern Virginia on 4/23/18 (30 plus gallons)!