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Sisters Working to Make a Difference at the Red Cross

Sisters Danielle Warren (left) and Angela Jackson (right) standing together.
Sisters Danielle Warren (left) and Angela Jackson (right)

Danielle Warren and Angela Jackson both love working at the Red Cross together. The fact that they’re sisters is an added benefit that neither of them takes for granted. Read on to learn how these sisters are making a real and lasting difference in their roles at the Red Cross.

Starting Careers at the Red Cross

Danielle is the Chief Development Officer for the Red Cross Alabama Region, where she manages fundraising with corporations, foundations and individuals. Her sister, Angela, is a Blood Services Account Manager who helps ensure there is enough blood at hospitals in her region for patients who need it.

Danielle has worked with us for the last six years and loves contributing to an organization that has such a strong mission to help others in their time of need.

“I love the fact that we’re making a very real and tangible difference in the lives of people who need us most every day,” said Danielle.

Unlike Danielle, Angela first started with the Red Cross as a volunteer installing smoke alarms in homes for our Sound the Alarm campaign and greeting financial donors at fundraising events. Any time her sister reached out to ask her to volunteer, Angela jumped at the opportunity to give back. And her efforts didn’t go unnoticed. While volunteering at a fundraising event, Angela met her current supervisor and was hired months later.

Connecting to the Mission

Angela has type O negative blood, the universal blood type, which allows her donations to be used for any patient in need. Angela feels this gives her a special connection to her role in blood services. She has seen first-hand how blood donations can help patients in need since two of her cousins had sickle cell disease and another has leukemia. And she feels honored to be able to help people like her cousins battle illnesses through blood donations. The only source of lifesaving blood transfusions are voluntary blood donors, which is why Angela works hard to empower and motivate people to roll up a sleeve and give.

“It’s amazing to hear the stories of hope from patients who receive a blood or platelet transfusion that saves their lives,” said Angela.

Danielle also has a specific connection to the Red Cross. She remembers how the Red Cross came to her mother’s neighborhood to make sure every home had smoke alarms after an elderly couple died in a fire. It made her proud to know the Red Cross was there knocking on doors to help make sure no one else in the neighborhood experienced the same thing.

“The Red Cross is there for those who are having the worst day of their lives, whether you’ve lost everything in a disaster or need to get an emergency communications message to a family member in the military, we’re there for them,” said Danielle.

Sisters Danielle Warren (right) and Angela Jackson (left) standing together in their office.
Sisters Danielle Warren (right) and Angela Jackson (left)

A Unique Understanding

Danielle and Angela feel a special sense of pride knowing that they work for the same organization. They enjoy seeing and connecting with each other at work. And whenever one of them is having a hard day, the other is right by her side ready to encourage her.

“I love running into my sister. She’s my best friend and I can always rely on Danielle to understand me in ways that no one else can,” said Angela.

Join Us

Still wondering if working at the Red Cross is right for you? Take it from Danielle:

“The work you do at the Red Cross is some of the most fulfilling work you can find in the world. Being able to be a part of one of the largest humanitarian organizations across the globe fulfills me in a way that I can’t imagine finding anywhere else.”

Like Danielle and Angela, you can find a fulfilling career that makes a difference with the Red Cross. Tap here to search for career opportunities.