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When We Link Arms, We Rise: Meet Some of the Women Who Lead Like Clara Barton

“When I think of Clara Barton, I’m inspired by her persistence and lifelong service to others.”

Sara Horein is one of our Tiffany Circle leaders, a network of women inspired by Clara Barton’s legacy.

This December marks our founder’s 200th birthday, and as a humanitarian organization, we reflect on how her compassion and tenacity continue to drive us each day.

Members of the Tiffany Circle live across the country, work in different industries and come from diverse backgrounds – but are driven by the same mission – to support the needs of their communities.

Throughout 2021, we highlighted Tiffany Circle members on LinkedIn, sharing their stories and their favorite memories, the projects that hold special meaning and what drives them to give back.

Meet some of these women who #LeadLikeClara.

Immunizations in Kenya

“One of my favorite Red Cross memories is this first time I traveled with the Measles & Rubella Initiative to Kenya where the local government —supported by the American Red Cross and our partners—completed a successful nine-day vaccination campaign in the East African country,” recalls Sara. “Targeting 19 million children between nine months and 14 years old, this effort was Kenya’s largest immunization campaign in the Measles & Rubella Initiative’s history.”

A Physician and Blood Donor

“I was born in the Nature Isle of the Caribbean also known as Dominica. The pinnacle of my achievements is rooted in the generosity of others. Their examples led me to become a person who firmly believes in giving back, which is one of my core values. When we link arms and help each other, then together we rise … Moreover, as a physician, and a blood donor, I also recognize the importance of blood donations in saving lives. Blood is the common thread that unites us.” Seeing photos of the Red Cross’ disaster response efforts ignited a lifelong passion for humanitarian aid for Gathline Etienne, M.D.

Childhood Memories from Taiwan

“I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, and immigrated here with my family in 1977. My mother’s family was from Indonesia and my father’s family was from China. Every time there was a typhoon, an earthquake, or anything major happening anywhere in the region, whether it was Taiwan or Indonesia or wherever, you would always hear: ‘The Red Cross was there.’ And as a kid, I really didn’t understand much about disaster operations, but I knew that the Red Cross was the organization that helped people when people needed it the most.” Josie Tong reflects on the childhood memories that sparked her drive to give back.

From High School Club to 20 Years of Red Cross Service

“As a high schooler, I thought maybe I would end up in medicine, as my mother is an RN, but I realized there are multiple ways you can help people besides becoming a doctor or a nurse.” For Nisha Baxi, what started by seeing a flyer in the hallway of her high school kicked off 20 years of service.

Hosting Blood Drives with the Littlest Marketers

“My parents raised us in a household where volunteering or using your talents to help others was a consistent part of our life. As a mom, my personal goal is to raise kind humans who contribute positively to the world. I want to teach my three kids that we should always lead with kindness and be there for each other.” Lauren Barber shares how hosting blood drives are a family effort.

Goats and Global Philanthropy

“I was in a tiny village outside of Nairobi where the Red Cross had a goat project. These goats enabled women to feed their families with milk twice a day. Mothers showed up to greet us, many of them holding their goats like babies. They were so grateful. This project literally changed their lives.” Elaine Lyerly reflects on the inspiration for the Tiffany Circle International Council.

The Power of Collective Giving

“There is always someone that can be helped and there is always something one can give in time, in resources or in donations. The power of collective giving has a transformational impact on individuals and communities in crisis. And so, I find it gratifying that my modest contribution fits into a larger tapestry of communal giving.” Funmi Afunja shares why Missing Maps is one of her favorite programs and why the Tiffany Circle network inspires her to go all in.

Learn more about the Tiffany Circle at https://www.redcross.org/tiffany-circle-source.html