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My Word Against Ebola: LOVE

This post was written by Samuel Estabrook, as part of the Words Against Ebola campaign – a Red Cross initiative to promote knowledge, fight stigma, alleviate fear and overcome complacency through the sharing of positive words. The American Red Cross deployed Samuel to Liberia in January. Samuel is tweeting from Liberia @mapping_Sam.    Love is [...]

Save the World: Make Missing Maps

This post was written by Dale Kunce, Senior Geospatial Engineer and GIS Team Lead at the American Red Cross. Dale is spearheading the American Red Cross’s involvement in the Missing Maps project. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 11 months, I don’t need to remind you that it’s been a rough [...]

Volunteers Map Fire-Affected Neighborhoods in Chile

When news of a major fire in Valparaíso, Chile made headlines on Monday, some people sent donations. Some people took to social media. And some people mapped. Not wasting any time, digital volunteers gathered at the American Red Cross headquarters Monday morning, grabbed some caffeine and began to make a detailed map of neighborhoods affected [...]

This is #BAD

Today is Blog Action Day. This year’s theme is the Power of We.  The Power of We is a celebration of people working together to make a positive difference in the world, either for their own communities or for people they will never meet half way around he world. That’s what we’re all about at the American [...]

We Start With a Good Map

With the hard work of our GIS mapping teams, local volunteers and you we will help the communities of Gulu and Lira develop maps.

Gimme Shelter

Map of every shelter we’ve opened since January 1, 2011:

#CrisisData: The Path Forward

Now, we’d like to present the framework for a path forward. After reviewing the notes, speeches, and wiki feedback from the summit, we’ve outlined 5 areas where we can make headway over the next few months.

Teens Totally Text Tons

If $1 was donated for every text made in a month by American teens, we could provide clean-up and comfort supplies for 100 families of 4.

I can’t smell danger

We’re working here at the Red Cross on how we might use technology and social communities to help you be prepared for anything.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

Heat Safety Tips and a little warm weather fun.