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Opportunity: unlock an American Red Cross foursquare badge

How do you get it? Well, you’re going to have to be at a blood donor site to find out. If you have a smartphone and are not yet a foursquare user, you can sign up using the directions. Next time you’re donating blood, be on the lookout for the instructions to get your badge!

Go forth, donate, and be rewarded!

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  1. Does the badge count if you’re giving at a blood drive? We have Red Cross at my office every three months and have a regular crew of donors. It would be great if my advertising agency could help get the word out on this awesome badge.

  2. Yes. It’s a shout based badge, so getting it revolves around what you say and not exactly where you are.

  3. The lady at didn’t have a clue what I was talking about and I didn’t want to seem nerdy than I already am, so I didn’t push it. So I didn’t learn the secret to unlock the badge.

  4. We haven’t quite gotten the attention of all blood donor recruiters just yet. I’ve emailed you the instructions for getting the badge. Thanks for donating! We love NERDS!

  5. Hi!

    I donated blood this afternoon at the donor center in Santa Ana, CA and asked about the badge and no one knew about it. I am a frequent donor and would love to get the badge!

  6. I checked in to my donation center two weeks ago when I donated and I was not able to unlock the badge. Do I have to enter a shout and if so do I have to enter certain words?

  7. […] behind the badge: It kills me when people cheat to unlock a badge that comes with a note that says “thank you, your donation may have saved someone’s life” when they haven’t even done anything to earn it. I mean how do you live with that? And to […]

  8. To get the Red Cross Badge I was told you must include the words “Donation” and “Red Cross” in your shout. I put: Please make a donation to the Red Cross this holiday season!! and I got the badge. Hope this helps.

  9. Still haven’t been able to unlock it… even with the suggested shout… any suggestions?

  10. John, do a search on foursquare for blood center or even Red Cross. Then do the shout again because it might take more than one checkin to get the badge.

    Empatkotak, not everyone is able to donate due to health reasons. I’m not able to donate simply because I lived in Italy for 2 years during the 80’s. I’m perfectly healthy and have no health issues at all. Does that mean I shouldnt be allowed to earn badges and play along on foursquare? I understand you dont like the cheaters and neither do I, but people CAN help the Red Cross in other ways, not just donating blood!!

  11. I shouted: “text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to red cross for first aid and blood drives in japan” and got the badge. I felt it badgeworthy to donate myself and to also spread the word.

  12. I checked into a donor centre today and shouted: ‘Donate blood Red cross’ and got a message saying that I’d unlocked the badge.

    It’s there in my badge gallery, but it’s grayed out. Does that mean I haven’t completely unlocked it yet? I live in Australia if that makes a difference.

    I’d be sad if I had to make another visit since my next blood donation isn’t booked til July 🙁

  13. Donated blood today at the redcross in Farmington CT. Had no idea what I was asking them about when I mentioned foursquare. Would love to get my badge.