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An American Red Cross Halloween

Halloween is only a week away, so my guess is you’ve already figured out your costume. But if time has gotten away from you this fall and you still don’t know what you’ll dress up as, here are a few Red Cross-themed costumes I’d recommend.

American Red Cross CPR Instructor (bring along a first aid kit or mannequin to make this costume even more authentic)

American Red Cross Lifeguard (a good choice for those of you living in my neck of the woods, where the temperatures on Halloween will likely still be in the 80’s)

American Red Cross Nurse (I realize that Red Cross nurses don’t dress like this today, but I love these vintage nurse uniforms)

American Red Cross Volunteer (throw on a Red Cross t-shirt, jeans, and a lanyard and you’ll be all set)

Buddy Blood Drop (who could deny this little buddy the candy of his choosing?)

Now that you’ve gotten your costume squared away, take a moment to review the Red Cross’ Lucky 13 Tips for a safe Halloween.

Trick or treat!

Note: If you choose to dress up in a Red Cross-themed costume, please keep in mind that you’re representing the organization and remember to respect its mission and fundamental principles. Thanks!